I Will Rip You Any Naruto Thing You Want

OK I’m kind of bored and I want to help out. I have my Naruto game that I play too much and the psrites and pictures in there are really nice. So I decided I will rip the sprites that anybody might want.

This is what I can rip.

Characters in chibi form, from any angle. (Like the attachment)
Characters face picture.
Characters doing their signature attacks.

These are the main things I can rip. But if there is something you want ask for it. It might be there for me to rip.

So ask for any characters you want any attacks you want. Whatever and I will rip them. Keep in mind not every character is there. Most are, but some aren’t. But ask for whatever and I will hook you up.

This is what the attack pictures look like. (see attachment)

I can clean it up even more depending on how you want it. But that is what the whole thing looks like.

I was bored.

Last example. This is what the face pictures looks like and what the symbols look like.

Ask for whatever and I will do it.

Turn em into GIFs

you got the rom too, eh? and yes, turn them to .gifs

edit: also change the bg to green/pink/blue do it’s easier to extract.