I will share this with you guys

Sim has a safe tele/jump off hard knockdown (cr. rh, df. rh, ex flame, forward throw).

jab or back short for timing, then front/back tele to B. RH… to whatever.

This doesn’t work on 3 fr. srks. but you can skip the jab or back short and bait on srks…

[SIZE=3]ヨガテレポ詐欺(safe-Yoga Teleport) 詐欺テレポ ダルシム詐欺飛び[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]ヨガテレポ詐欺(safe-Yoga Teleport) 2 詐欺テレポ ダルシム詐欺飛び[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]ヨガテレポ詐欺(safe-Yoga Teleport)3 詐欺テレポ ダルシム詐欺飛び[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]ヨガテレポ詐欺(safe-Yoga teleport)4 詐欺テレポ ダルシム詐欺飛び **[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]ヨガテレポ詐欺(safe-Yoga teleport) まとめ 詐欺テレポ 詐欺飛び[/SIZE]

came across this recentlyish

so awesome… thanks for this!


can that aerial move in the youtube videos combo into anything?

EDIT: nvm worked it out