I will show you... the Greatest nightmare


here is my stab at old Nighty.

The Quality maybe blurred:bluu:


I wanna see your stuff. Good piece, but wheres yours at?:confused:

Just playing man.



Ive only been working on this thing for about 4 days. Our scanner at school is so dumb. Its hard to produce clear pictures.


C’mon guys tell me what ya think

Gammon, Sweet, Klak, Rook, Yakuza. I know yall got some kind of critique. Im so lonely…


Man…that’s making my head hurt… wish the scan had come out better… I can’t remember if I said anything about this one at school, but in case I haven’t, I think this one is one of your better works. Nice attention to detail. I know that you were just ready to be done with it, but if you wanted to make it better I’d suggest emphisise the darks and put in a dramatic bg (something dark to go with his persona) Other than that, I really like it.


The blur makes my eyes burn

but its a nice pic, I am gonna show off my soul calibur sprites.


yea, im gonna rescan

and post a sharper picture so that everyone can get to see all the details.


pretty tight picture…i see you changed his outfit some…y’s that?? not that anythings wrong with it…

he looks kind of gay in the face though…lol…but than again…how many pretty ass white guyz with long blonde hair dont look gay…

good picture :smiley:



that is the best avatar ever.


Not being a very skilled artist myself, my opinions prolly hold no value but w/e. I really like his face and hair and stuff. Bit blurry but still awesome. I thought his left hand was a bit pudgy tho. Keep the good pics rollin’.