I will take a request

I am board and feel like taking on one request.

Must be a premium sized one.

you don’t have to use it if you think it sucks, I just feel like taking on 1 request.

Post a link of what you want and please, No Animated ones.

…hey whats up man I usually have a guy doing my av’s but he’s moved or does’nt post anymore, I would like to have something animated or not but my real name is Pepsi Tony I live/play in the Dallas area and I’m looking for something creative with the Pepsi logo and something that will show or have long dread locks around it or on it- my hair is really long, but with an evil:mad: type theme it don’t matter what colors you use or it can be similar or an enhancement of my current you can call me if you don’t understand 214 3983983 or email it to me pepsitony@sbcglobal.net

Thanks and let me know what I can do for you

ohh I see no animation thats cool just be creative -I’m not picky

I wish I was a board.

how about this


Hey Muffin can you do this.

I’ve got a new Son them All av request.

From the picture in my avatar, which can be found on here


Can u have that picture and then zoom in to that sore on his left arm then cut to the word HERPES and then repeat? If possible try and make the zoom like actually zoom not just a shot of him then a closeup of the sore.

Thanks. Pos rep for u.

Repaste the url because you’re missing a part of it.

Good lookin’ out Valaris.

how about this
objection lol


non objection


What’s the deal with a bunch of people having this guy’s picture as their avatar? Who is he anyway?

You are the fucking man.

Not a prob.

Glad I could help.

You mean u dont know?? OH SHIT start from page 70 http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=114783&page=114

Hey Muffin,
If you don’t mind taking one more quick request, it’s pretty simple.

STA AV request:

It is just two frames.

  1. My current Arnold av pic with text saying “It’s not a Toomah”

  2. The next frame is basically Biggzy’s (my boy) av but faster: a quick zoom from STA to his arm sore with text saying “It’s Herpes”

If you can, thanks chief!

Like this dude?


gdlk. Above and beyond expectations! Thanks!

Lol, I thought Muffin said “non animation”, I luh you guys!!

Also, I had a request, in a separate thread I made, but it never got a response. If you do it for me, premium sized like you want… as long as it’s not GIF (I can’t have it animated), I can non-premium it (although it’ll lower the quality).

Thanks d00d(ette?)!

P.S. I don’t think it’s a lot to ask for, considering these requests here. =]

^ He specified premium size only though.

I got a request for an av as well. but I think shop has already closed.

That’s why I said he can make it premium sized… and as long as it’s not animated… I can open it up in Photoshop and make it smaller so I can use it, since I don’t [yet] know how to create or edit (animated)GIF’s.

This is the best I could do on your request, Kinda weird