I wiped PS2 original lens laser!

I want to clean my PS2 lens laser. then not working reading PS2 CD-blue games. I spray clean too much to lens laser. My PS2 read is not work all PSone and PS2 games. I fucked up! my PS2 fuck off me! :sad:

Today, I ordered brand new lens laser for model KHS-400C.

CD-blue working on my PS3 read is flawless! PS2 can’t do it .

whats the point of this thread?
your ps2 was kinda not working and then you broke it right?

Is there a question in there?

Why PS2 original can’t read only PS2 CD-blue games?


Long-standing ps2 manufacturing problem. They fix that problem, regardless of warranty status. UNLESS you break the factory seal.

YEAH…that’s too long time for me. My original PS2 has warranty is void. 4 years! I tried to opened my PS2. I cleaned lens and worked reading CD-blue. later few months… Again My PS2 can’t read CD-blue game.

The PS2 will second life for new lens laser model KHS-400C.

Sorry but for some reason that made me :rofl:

But anyway, how much did you pay? From my experience it is better to spend a little more and just buy a whole new PS2.

Uh no, they covered the laser problem outside of your warranty, I believe. Once you opened your case, though, that got voided and now it’s your problem.

Yeah I own my problem! I fucked up assony! Today I ordered brand new lens laser from vavolo.com


Thank you for nothing!

you should have just gotten a new ps2.

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Using a Q-tip with alchohol on it to clean the PS2 laser will usually solve the problem. Or putting 2 pieces of tape vertically or horizontaly (depending on how you look at it) in 2 certain places on the disk will help the blue-disks, DVD disks, and PS1 disks to play by making it spin differently. And sometimes adjusting the disk-speed thing near the laser can solve your problems.

No need for any new lasers, a PS3 to play things, or sending it in to be fixed. Although, buying a slim PS2 isnt a bad idea so that you dont have to worry so much about fixing the damn thing.