I wish FPS'es we're still made like this


Apparently this a TC for Doom 2 that focuses making kick twenty time more ass. I haven’t seen a FPS this nuts since Serious Sam, back when FPS’es were actually fun.

Anyone agree?

The first game I’ve seen with regenerating anything that looks like fun. Aside from DNF.

Yes, I would play the shit out of this. FPS’s these days are ass tier, no discussion.

Though scopes are a huge NOPE for me. Unless it’s a sniper-type weapon, it should not have a scope. Shit is arbitrary and just serves to block half the screen from your vision.

It’s kinda hard to strafe and aim at the same time on consoles, even with aim assist.

No it’s not.

We have a thread for FPS.

I think the best Doom 2 mod I played was “Doom 64 Absolution.” It turns the game into Doom 64, complete with Doom 64’s sexy graphics and spritework and adds a constant freelook while moving. I didn’t know Doom 64 was so GDLK until I played that shit.

Eh, Doom 64’s sprites were ugly imo. Inorganic.

They we’re ugly. As hell. The music was awesome though.

Ecko you changed your xbox name again? Anyway I miss this except I only played the first.

But they are making a new one for XBLA and PC.


Doesn’t really show gameplay though.

Yup, fifth time now. I’m an indecisive mofo when it comes to usernames, admittedly.

Game looks cool, but Id like to see some more gameplay. Id like to see arena/deathmatch shooters make a comeback, they had a nice little run from 1999-2004.

BTW, any opinion on Painkiller? I might buy the Xbox version of it’s BC.

Painkiller is old school fun. Bulletstorms a lot of fun to.

That what they invented dual analogs for…

Game looks awesome, reminds me of Raise of the Triads