I Wish I Were A Cartoon Character


I was just listening to “Symmetry - Cartoon” [media=youtube]WOJZ593K934[/media] when the thought occured to me what if you could live in a cartoon.

My question is, what cartoon would you choose to live inside (not which cartoon character would you like to be). This also includes anime.

Fist of the North Star is cool but no way in hell would I like to live there. I pick The Pink Panther Show from the 1970s. The Pink Panther would probably drive me crazy, but you get your own theme song, any action you perform will have it’s own sound effect, plus there are other characters like the Inpector, Ant and Ardvark within the show.

[media=youtube]fvlfxvAzzSw&feature=related]YouTube - The Pink Panther - Episode 07 - Pinkfinger [HQ[/media]

(no I’m not drunk, not yet anyway)


Any Warner Brothers classic cartoon. I can pull shit out of hammer space and run in the air till I look down.


Something peaceful and calming, where the biggest problems are little shit that doesn’t matter, and can be settled with a reasonable explanation rather than a volley of “Fuck you!”'s from both parties…Dragon Tales, Franklin, or MLP:FIM. Shit, I wouldn’t mind chilling in old-school (pre-Elmo) Sesame Street. That was one cool-ass hood.


Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Fucking scammers ain’t scamming me! Jawbreakers look delicious and where are their parents?! No where but work! Just chillin’ with my friends all day is the life…


i thought this was gonna be some sort of hentai thread.


The Jetsons. Everything would be instant, portable, and you have flying cars that fold into suitcases. It would take me a minute to get use to the clothes though.


Fred Flintstone. Slapping the wife up with a stone club, and running to work with a stone car even though it would be easier to walk… shit would be awesome…


I would be a dude in a hentai. Not a big fan of watching them, but every guy in those ends up fucking all the girls.


Hentai sex demon is one of the best ways to go…to have that Chojin Power? for real. They usually have crazy DBZ-level power and they can sprout 1000 dicks to fuck everybody they want all at the same time if they feel like it. I’d like to be addressed formally as The Overfiend.

Freak fantasies aside, Wackyland is a good choice for overall entertainment value. This was home to The Last of the Dodos…it’s so wonderfully insane in that world… anything can happen, and nothing really makes sense. Haha, Porky was unable to handle the madness.




I would be in Pinky and the Brain just for the hell of it.


Hmm…maybe Johnny Bravo’s world?


Do I get to be Genre Savvy in this cartoon world?

Edit: Never mind. I’d live in the Tiny Toons verse. The onyl school there is the Looniversity where they teach you Genre Savvy by default. Knowing the universe you live in is extremely important to wether your the lead man who wins all (Bugs Bunny) or the total Butt Monkey (Elmer Fudd.)


Bugs Bunny(he gets away with everything) or Brock Samson(he kills people & gets all the ladies)! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not who but where.


Reading OPs? Apparently we don’t do that shit round’ here.


I’d probably live inside Jessica Rabbit a couple times.

On topic: I’d probably go for Scooby Doo. I know they have tons of weed in that van, and I’d be considered a hero for taking halloween masks off middle aged men. Oh and chillin with the Harlem Globetrotters. Scrappy doo must die first.


One Piece. Shit would be super awesome. It really makes you wanna drop everything your doing and go on an adventure. Like I would just like to sail fight and just do whatever . Just so much stuff to do in there world so many things to see and be apart of :pleased:


Doug, so I can get with a green chick.



Can’t believe no one has said pokemon yet.