I wish they had gone a different route with seth

Sup SRK, this account is new but ive been a lurker here for awhile so I’ll try not to waste front page posts, but this is something I’ve wanted to throw out there for a long time.

Now I normally play Sagat/Adon/Bison because they are my favorite characters overall, but I really like Seth as well. I’m not too great at some of the more lofty combos, but I understand Seth’s game pretty well (although I havent read or played him much in SSF4, as I can only play at a buddies house). The other day though I was thinking though… why didn’t Capcom do something more unique to Seth, like make his combo scaling be reversed of what the other fighters have?

It just seems like, with the stamina and damage output Seth has (although his moveset is great) maybe they could have done something out of the ordinary like that, especially with his 30+ hit combos. That way, an effective Seth would actually get MORE damage from longer combos, making his long combo playstyle more rewarding.

Obviously a change like this would warrant a total re-evaluation of Seth’s moveset, frame data, combos and damage output and possibly even his ultras. But to me, it just seems like that would be a much more interesting aspect than needing a near perfect game to win.

What do you Seth veterans think? Obviously Seth will never be changed this much, but I did want to see what more experienced Seth users think about the idea.

Seth would have to be completely different for him to have damage upscaling during combos. Making such a character could possibly break the game.

That said, I do wish that Capcom has been more creative with the design space in terms of the properties of special moves (not just Seth’s). Examples:

  • moves that do no actual damage but do alot of focus damage (like Gen’s ultra) or alot of stun
  • more crumpling moves (like DJ’s EX Sobat kick during development)
  • moves that use your own heath as a resource

I agree that they should have had more unique stuff for sure. But in regards to Gen’s gray dmg ultra, I’m not sure I see the point. All it takes is to play a character with good runaway (teleports,quick dashes) or a projectile turtler like guile or sagat to basically waste your ultra if you can’t get in before it refills. What is the advantage behind it?

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, if they did make Seth’s damage scale upward, wouldnt they just have to make it based on brackets (as in hits 30-39 do a certain percentage, while 40-49 all did more) rather than based on hit by hit scaling. And possibly redo his moveset and frame data, which is obviously alot of work. But hey, this is a theory thread haha.


i think Seth is a great, original (gameplay wise I think everyone can agree) and FUN character.

personally, just personally, i wouldn’t change anything about him. :wink:

EDIT: Read this shit down here :d::d::d:

This, but with an added twist: they did change him for super, and that was uncalled for.

What changes did they make for Super?

Dive kick is shit
j.HP is worse
slight dmg and stun nerfs
no more Ultra trap
Teleport is ASS now and not a mindfuck tool anymore. It now is used more times to get IN THE WAY of what you actually want to do (ultra) and get punished, than being useful.

Also, glitches they didn’t fix:

Super glitch
U1 low dmg glitch
That amazing glitch that makes him only have 750 hp :eyeroll:

Is the ultra trap when you fire a SB and ultra as it crosses them up after their wakeup? I thought they took it out for everyone, and they were hard to set up anyway?

No, Sonic boom, then ultra 1 when they jump over it. It doesnät work now because you can’t do U1 with an SB on screen. and it was not a cross-up.

I’m not sure what other route Capcom could have taken. more damage would make him the perfect character. he has all the tools to play rushdown and keepaway at the same time. Having low dmg and low health is what keeps him from being everybodies choice.