I wish



Daigo didnt play C-Guile… cause now its like the big trend cause he plays him… now people arent gonna be original by playing Guile… this guy is my secret weapon, and now everyone is gonna bite my shit.

Guile was the best kept secret, and now the secret is out!


Daigo always used C-Guile, for well over a year now. it hasn’t been a secret.


I thought he was N, and A for a little bit, you know before RC’s became popular.


I’m positive he always used C-Guile/Chun Li/Sagat.


Are you sure he’s never changed grooves? Oh well, im not 100% either. But ya… it just seems that there is more talk about C-Guile now more than ever.




If you watch the SBO finals you’ll see that Daigo, and maybe a handful of people can use Guile like he does… He’s got 100% RCs for virtually every move he does…