I won my first tournament with Sakura



SOOOOOOO… I won my first tournament today at Geek.kon using Sakura ^^ It was really cool to be in a tournament and i must say… I lost the first match to a gief that only had 1 punch of health left… and he empty jumped ultra’d me XD but it’s ok… I won the rest of my matches fairly easy, obviously the last fight was a challenge but there weren’t really any G1 status fighters here. It was a lot of fun though and i won 20$ XD! can’t go wrong there when it’s a free tournament ^^!
AND! my buttons only didn’t work on about 3 different occasions… so I’m going to call this a win ^^ I was told they will post some pictures on the forums here in a day or so… so hopefully you guys can see me holding the roster with the runner up.

GO [media=youtube]EDkRkTMG0uE"[/media]!!!


Congratulations! :woot: Keep the beasting alive. :smiley:


Shoot, I need to find some scrub filled tourneys so I can clean up too.


Gratz! Keep reppin Sakura


this is what i like to hear. know i need to find a tourny so i can win




Great stuff General! I saw your xbl replay last night too! I guess some people are just born winners :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t get back to you soon, but congratulations, Vivi. No matter what the size of a tourney it’s always great winning one, especially with an under-appreciated fighter like Sakura.


^^ Thanks guys! Yeah, I def had a lot of fun! I was super bummed about my first loss though… only 1 punch and gief would have lost… but then… sniffs anyways It was def a lot of fun. I might need to buy a new controller soon though… XD


Good shit


Sup Vivi, I also won a tournament in madison at some point. Well when jimmy gets back from Korean maybe i’ll make a trip up for some games. grats and peace


I’m attending my second ever Street Fighter tournament on the 23rd at Gamefrog in Durham NC.

I’ll be representing Sakura, although there are a few matchups of hers that I am certainly afraid of.


Good luck! :tup:


Congrats, generalvivi, and good luck, ShogunFlow!


yeah dude that would be awesome. I took a pic with johnny at the tournament he seems pretty into the whole tournament / get together and play people scene. Do you know when he gets back from Korea?


Grats man! This is Hiryu, the Abel player from Memphis. Good to hear you are kicking ass in tourneys where you are at. Good shit man, and GG’s too!


I saw you online yesterday General vivi. I wanted to play you but the game you were hosting filled up. :frowning:


yeah I don’t really get to play much at home unless i bring my copy home from work. I do enjoy face to face battles a lot more id have to say XD. Me and my buddies shit talk way to much. Btw Hiryu we started saying R.Kelly :D! but now its like… 1 win … yeah ok you won 1 round. but then 2 rounds in a row its like … ok so you got the boat out of the dock … and then 3 wins in a row… you start rowing the boat. Then from there… if you keep winning you can take them to anywhere in the world you want to XD heh. We’re always like … OH SNAP SOMEONES GETTING IN THE BOAT! lol it’s good stuff


Good to see you back around General. I’m hoping for more projects from you. Bet you’ll definitely have something for SSF4!


yeah , I’m in the process of getting a decently nice Video camera so I can start recording matches again. In the mean time just playing at work and modding Se sticks. On my second mod atm and its been a lot of fun.

Hopefully I’ll buy one on my birthday next week.