I wonder what Ash's new "Sacred Treasure" move will be?


I really thought Ash would get a new special move in KOF XII since Iori doesn’t have his flames anymore. Granted Genee is a new move, but I don’t think it’s a move from Iori. Since Ash’s moves apparently follow the months in the French Republican Calendar, he should still have 2 moves to go. Frimaire and Fructidor. He already got Germinal from Chizuru(sealing ability). What kind of move do you think he’ll get from Iori and Kyo?

Brumaire: close, b or f + C or D

Command Moves:
Messidor: f + A
Floreal: b + B
Prairial: b + D

Special Moves:
Ventose: bcf + P
Nivose: dcu + K
Vendemiaire: close, hcf + C

Genee: d, db, b + A or B or C or D-------not refering to the Calander but the word means to “bother, hamper, hinder, block, cramp”

Super Moves:
Pluvoise: qcfx2 + K
Thermidor: qcfx2 + P

Leader Moves:
Sans-culotte: A,B,C,D-------------This isn’t a month. It’s a word(Sansculottides) that refers to holidays.
Germinal: qcfx2 + E


juillet deux mille neuf


^July 2009 indeed. King Of Fighters XII is gonna be an amazing game.


You couldn’t just make this in the Ash thread? Seriously?


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