I wonder why the Abel can do a c.lp after f.mk?

I found his frame in the shoryuken wiki. His f.mk’s recovery is 16. +3 frame when hit on. And his forward dash got 16 frame. His close HP has 4 frame for start. I know when the f.mk on start at 8 frame,could be cancel. So he can do a f.mk–close Hp. But a c.lp’s start needs 5 frame. How could a man did it without counter? Sorry,my English isn’t good.Maybe I wrote some syntax error…

You are +3 on normal hit. You can be +4 after the forward dash cancel.

See: http://shoryuken.com/f250/f-mk-frame-data-183652/

Thank you,I read that.But,the c.lp start needs 5 frame.I don’t know why. Well,I will go to bed.It’s midnight in my country.


credits to DaDesiCanadian

I didn’t make that chart btw, someone else posted it up.

imo F+MK has a long enough duration that you can hit confirm out of just it. no need for jab before s.fp
practice with random block a lot and you will get good at it

Uh…The table shows Abel faces different opponent,his c.lp c.lk after f.mk will be affecctive or not? Is that right? The table is good.Thank you,I love you,and I love this forum.

sorry, credits to whoever made it. :slight_smile:

hmm a lil bit late but i made that chart, which i translated from japanese wiki but i also tested most if not all of them myself.

as for the thread, i see people replyin with all kinds of answers lol

i think the OP’s saying that he somehow saw some abel comboing a c.lp after a f.mk dash(without counter hit) and asking hows that even possible?

as for my response to the OP, are you sure its not on CH? need video proof at least since frame data-wise, thats not possible unless on CH.

hfz69, what about it hitting on a later-than-the-first active frame? I don’t play Abel.
Just checked, and it has 2 active frames. So assuming you hit on the second active frame, it still leaves you with only +4 on hit so i think hfz69 is right, unless it’s counterhit you cant link cr.lp after f.mk.

Pretty sure it’s only possible on CH.

Umm…cl.LP has 4 frame start up just like cl.FP. It’s not 5 frames. Go into training mode and try it. Or check the frame data, and save yourself the trouble.

Yeah, it’s possible to do it after step kick as a one frame link, just like with cl.FP.

EDIT: Unless, you’re talking about crouch LP…which is impossible as far as I know.

But wouldn’t hitting on the 2nd active frame give you additional frame advantage since the +4 on hit happens when Abel hits the forward MK on it’s first active frame and dashes in? Kinda like Akuma’s loop which was removed in SSFIV, far jab is + 7 on hit and has 2 active frames, Akuma’s far HK has 8 frames startup now, but if you connect the far jab on it’s second active frame you get an additional frame advantage which makes far jab to far roundhouse possible in that situation.

OP is amazing

No. Only the first active frame of Abels f+mk is dash cancelable, so if you actually hit on the second active frame, you wouldn’t be able to dash and you’d be at +4.

lol hitting a meaty counter hit step kick can link into another step kick!


dont even have to be meaty. iirc a normal CH step kick dash can combo into another step kick.

step kick can never get extra frame advantage by hitting it meaty

since you are dash canceling it and you can only do that on hit, you’ll never be better than +1 (block) +4 (regular hit) +8 (counter hit)

I’m glad someone is listening to me lol