I work at the Rio, You got questions? I got answers(hopefully)

Hey Guys,

Evo is just days, any of you have any questions about the Rio, Vegas, or anything in particular?

Just let me know, as I’m available for most of the day for the next couple of days.

Question: Is there anyway we can get an extra crt brought up to a room?

Does the $20 trick work?

How much is internet in the rooms and what is the speed of the internet? I might want to netflix it up on my ps3 in the room.

Unfortunately. No.

The $20 trick depends on the agent who checks you in. The best they will be able to do for you is a strip view, get you in a nice connecting room to a upgraded suite. We are pretty full for the weekend… rates are little high for the weekend the 29th showing… 149, 209, 199 for 3 nights.

If it were any other weekend or weekday the $20 would work…

$13.95 for 24 hour access.

I can only recommend our internet for light browsing. Talking to some co-workers who worked with our internet, the service is spotty at best. Some days are great, other days are fucking horrible. So if knowing that a lot of you people are coming this weekend, I can only assume the internet will be bogged down to lots of users using it… As I had numerous complaints from guests from WSOP last month.

cheapest eats for the weekend? i forgot where the places to go were in 09…

for those of us ballin on a budget

When’s the earliest we can pick up or ID badges? Thursday?

OP isn’t working for EVO, he works for the Rio.

it’ll prolly be thursday, atleast if they stick with last years format…they still have to announce where it’ll be unless its the same ballroom as 09

What’s the minimum bet to rate at the Rio again? I think it was $25 but it might have been during WSOP the last time I was there so it might have been inflated.

are we able to check into our rooms early? i originally scheduled my check in time at 8pm on thursday but i will be getting in way earlier than that

Are you talking nearby or in Vegas? I have plenty of recommendations.

On swing(night) they will have a couple Blackjack tables for $15 min.
Craps with $10 minimums
Mini Baccarat for $10
Roulette for $1 bets with a $10 dollar minimum.

It really depends if people are really playing or not. If lots of people are playing they will surely raise it up to $25 minimums, but it all depends on the night.

Early check-in, we typically give rooms out if we have them available. as soon as 8:00am, but generally no rooms are available as regular check-out time is around 11:00am(that still doesnt count for guest who also want late check-out). With a big crowd as big as evo, they may not generally release all the rooms until 4:00pm. A good time to check-in, IMO, and somewhat early is around 1:00pm.

For people that check-in late or hella late.

Please!! Please!! Please!! Don’t get mad at the check-in agent if they don’t have the bed type you requested when you first made your reservations. Again… its just a request. You guaranteed a reservation not a bed type. If you just ask nicely and politely our staff will accommodate you the best they can.

sweet, 1pm is about the time i land so that works out very well. thank you for the info :slight_smile:

What are good places to eat at Vegas? Not only the buffets, but any resturant.

Places around the Rio would help, but i’m willing to taxi/travel around Vegas to eat some good food.

Just curious, assuming I arrive in the early morning, around 10 on Thursday, are my chances decent of getting the two beds I requested instead of being stuck with one?

Inside The Rio!

-Whopper Bar - They don’t serve Large sizes… Only up to medium… wtf?
-All-American Bar & Grill. - Kind of pricey, tons of food though. Great steaks. Sit down restaurant…
-Gaylords - Expensive.Ass.Indian Food. Its good, but not for that price.
-Mah Jong - Take-out style chinese food. Portions a lil small for me for the price. (Actually made by chinese people)
-Sports Kitchen - I think most you will eat here, cheap food, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizzas, salads.
-Wetzels Pretzel - I keep forgetting that place exists… oh yeah… they serve pretzels.

If you can buddy up to a local… our buffet is 50% off, so you can visit that for a good cheap price.

Near the Rio… Most choices would have to be near China Town.

-Hot’n’Juicy - http://www.yelp.com/biz/hot-n-juicy-crawfish-las-vegas
-Honey Pig - http://www.yelp.com/biz/honey-pig-las-vegas - not the best service, but hey! It’s all you can eat.
-Ichiza - http://www.yelp.com/biz/ichiza-las-vegas - Japanese Sake House- All sorts of food in there.
-Tea Station http://www.yelp.com/biz/tea-station-las-vegas-2 - Boba. Not the best, but its open late!
(Other choices for Boba… Volcano Tea(CASH ONLY), No 1 Boba(formely Snack House inside ChinaTown Plaza)
-Pho Kim Long - http://www.yelp.com/biz/pho-kim-long-las-vegas - 24 Hour Chinese & Vietnamese food. Its… good. for late night.
-SunVille Bakery - http://www.yelp.com/biz/sunville-bakery-las-vegas - Amazing Bakery, You like egg tarts? you like those hot dog bread thingies? They got it. Personal favorite place of mine. Go early, they make their baked goods fresh every day.
-Monta Ramen - http://www.yelp.com/biz/monta-noodle-house-las-vegas-2 - Hey it’s Ramen! I like it, but it’s not better than LA’s established Ramen houses. But I can’t complain.

You got car? You want better?

Lemme know… I’ll make more suggestions.

sent you a PM sir.

Awesome FLipFLoP, thanks for replaying to my request?

I’m curious to hear of these ‘other’ locations that require a car though…

I’m gonna be using this as a self-reference along with linking this to a group thread, if you don’t mind ^^;

Yeah No problem… slow as shit at my work.

Bachi Burger - Amazing burgers, my favorite place to eat. :smiley:
Goyemon Sushi - My 2nd Favorite All-You-Can-Eat sushi place
Oyshi Sushi - great AYCE sushi as well. Contemporary vibe, sometimes a lil busy.
Island Style - Great hawaiian food - serves up the best meat jun I’ve had
BFG Chicken Strips - If you eat here, tell me that this place doesn’t have the best customer service ever? But damn good chicken fingers, baked,fried, or grilled… why is it so cheap!?
Oyster Bar @ Palace Station - Damn. Only like 10 seats maybe? Pan roasts like whoa! Holy shit its good. Lines are long though…
Slidin Thru - A food truck business that serves up gourmet sliders, but I believe they do have a HQ that is 24 hours on the weekend, check it on yelp for details.

1.How can I get to places easily, I don’t have a car.
2. How close is Chinatown from Rio?