I would just like to congratulate E.Honda


… for winning EVO 2k9 in advance.

God damn, I nearly forgot how frustrating he is to fight against in HD Remix… and judging by how many Honda players I came up against today since the patch was released, I can say I will be listening to a lot more Exile in the near future.

Hey, no hard feelings guys. Ochios for everyone! :wasted:



GGs today dude! He’s really not that hard to fight, but it takes a lot of practice. I’d be happy to practice with you sometime if you want to improve in the Honda match up.


Not only that, majority of the problems for PS3 are still there. The 300 MB patch is just to fix players met, Vega desync, and 3-wins in ranked match.

MAN!!! If…only if I see these Capcom mf in real life…I’ll definitely throw a fireball on their faces (or may be a chicken-wing).


Wow, way to hijack the thread…


ROFL at the whole grain ochios. I’ll get you megaman. shakes fist

Edit: BAAWWW someone is sensitive to this topic. Neg repper, calling me a scrub. Send me a challenge, chicken shit.


honda ain’t gonna win evo just because shotos & guile shit all over him

if you play someone like cammy or fei long or gief then yeah honda is a monster, but i don’t see those characters being all that relevant at evo top 8 level


Yeah, Projectile + Jab with good spacing still makes Hondas life suck, hes like Gief in a way, he has to get in to do anything, god help you if he gets in though.


honda builds meter pretty fast in this game, i think he can shut down fireball quickly but ya you can stop headbutt with jab… but if you messup against that you’re out a lot of life, and in a bad position because at that point you’re going to most likely have to start attacking HIM, which any e-honda player loves


Honda is just a bully. Dominates mid-tier players. Destroys low-tier characters. Assisted by lag when played online. But not really a concern when it comes to winning Evo since good players with good characters still know how to space him out.


I would like to congratulate Akuma on winning EVO 09. I don’t think anybody doubts that for a sec.


I do and I’d be willing to bet you $50 he won’t win it.

I really don’t understand why so many ppl bitch about honda, there’s a reason he’s a midtier, so unless you main dictator stfu and just beat him.

jab headbutt is as much a weakness as it is a strength against fb characters:wink:


I think it was last year that Kusumodo (sp?), aka probably the world’s best ST Honda, got wacked by Alex Valle’s Ryu at Evo. I’m guessing that was pretty much a textbook match on how Honda absolutely cannot beat the shotos when played at the highest level. I’m very curious to see if Honda’s buffs would threaten the status quo at that level.


The Kusumondo match was extraordinarily sad, a total shoto > Honda textbook rape. I winced at every fireball Kusumondo almost cleared…

Too bad HDR hasn’t been released in Japan yet for some completely crazy reason, because I’d love to watch a remixed Kusumondo vs Valle rematch.


That doesn’t stop the hardcore from getting it. I play guys from Japan all the time on HDR.


And I’d be willing to hear why exactly you don’t think Akuma’ll win it.


:amazed: Dictator will win EVO!!!


respect amongs the top players


people have resorted to picking TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER to get the win


I think that will be one of the best parts of HDR at Evo. Sagat is still pretty damn good, but it won’t be tigertigertiger all day long ftw.


imo I don’t think his buffs really help him out that much, that new jab headbutt is a much a curse as it is a gift. And they took away his ochio loop :cry:

So to the OP, no way Honda is as good as you think he is. A shoto/guile/deejay that knows what he’s doing will shutdown honda.


Ochio loop didn’t really matter in high level play unless you were playing against someone without a reversal (i.e. not shoto). Honda’s super, better jumping LK, and better jump neutral HP should do something… hopefully!