I would like to buy korean button and joystick

is there other than etokki acada joytron website ?

i want reasonable price and available wholesale

i already sent etokki a message and no reply also he hasnt been here for long time what happened to him ?

I’m guessing you mean you want to buy in bulk (cuz the prices are already reasonable)?

Either way I suppose messaging Laugh was one way to go but he IS a tourney player as well and I’m guessing he’s preparing for Final Round XVI in Atlanta, Georgia this upcoming weekend. If he can’t answer right away he will when he can.

they guy behind etokki is most likely busy with the site or his other work.
And those prices are very reasonable. etokki Korean part prices are close to Japanese style parts prices.

What message you sent him? Because if you was asking about other sites, well If I was him I ignore you and delete the message.

i sent him a message about my friend in korea want to buy from him…

srsly asking a seller about other seller? this is just stupid idea from you

oh i heard that from his comment wish him best luck

thanks for reply

You did not say anything in your first post about buying in bulk or your friend in Korea that knows not a single word in the local language.

Yes I have read your other thread.

No one speaking English is quite common in most foreign countries, Cryoh is right

Your buddy should have at least prepare for the language barrier before he ever step on a airplane. There are guide books, and other resources he could have researched some common words/phrases like “hello”, “bathroom” and “do you speak English”.
No one expects him to learn Korean in a few days, but do not expect people to speak English.

Also you are the one asking, not me. I assume you are just an idiot until proof is shown otherwise (then again on SRK TT it is a safe bet to assume everyone I don’t know is an idiot).
Since you failed to completely explain what you needed help with you only proven to be a idiot.

do you have something useful both of you ? or help maybe ?

i guess u r idiot for wasting time here and not being useful here

look seriously, if you want us to help you out, you have to remember the following

1.** Tell us EVERYTHING about your issue regardless of what it is**. Got an issue with a Stick you need to tell us what stick is it, what parts it has, what system its for (if its a PC what OS), what mods are done, the symptoms ect.
In your case you where your message was very vague, any miss communications are your fault not ours, we can only assume based on information received.
You were vague, you never said what you really want and the statement* “is there other than etokki acada joytron website ?” *can and will be taken as asking for other Korean Part stores/venders/distributors. Stop being a punk about it you idiot.

2.** Do your Homework**. Look up and read on much as you can. If you honestly do not know ask, people where will point you in the right direction if you ask NICELY.
Also from traveling the world I can tell you, your friend failing to study up on the culture and language of South Korea was a stupid mistake. Also Arcade culture “died” as much in Korea as it did in the US.
Its like the British man walking into a American bar, ordering a Burger and Chips(what they call fried in the UK) and getting a big bowl of corn chips instead of this fries.

  1. Lack of Planing/ Poor Planing on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours. End of Story.

  2. No one here have any obligation to help you out in any way, shape or form. Be thankful of what help you do receive and learn from the tips or advice given. Acting like a Punk gets you nowhere.

  3. Before you ever start a thread, know that you do not have all the answers. If you did have all the answers then you would be writing a guide instead of asking questions. So shut up and listen to what others tell you, even if you don’t like the answer.

  4. DO NOT PANIC. I saw how very easily you panicked there from going over your other threads and posts. If you Panic you can not act logically then some bigger asshole on the internet will have to put you in your place.

To anyone else who yet to raise my ire but wanted to post some question or topic watch this video

Its for XDA Developers but all the concepts and courtesies apply to SRK Teck Talk as well, NOW BYE.