I would like to know

If it is possible to boycott UMVC3 from ever attaining an evo seat. The game mechanics are down right atrocious and make even the sickly in icu turn their stomachs in disgust. Umvc3 is a blight and a cancerous tumor upon the fgc and it needs to be quarantined and surgically removed. I am appalled that the fgc even considers this a fighting game. Since the fgc is so strong, i would love to see if we could band together and make these companies stop selling us half a game.

No I don’t believe that is possible.

Someone’s mad that Ghost Rider is low tier.

Lol, asking if it’s possible to boycott what’s essentially the most popular FG in the US right now.


NO the game needs to die, I dont think there is any patch in the world that could change the way the game is played. vergil, doctor doom, zero, magneto, morrigan,c.viper,spencer,dante literally have no bad match-ups( every character i just mentioned either touches you once thats the end of a character, or has the ability to completely shut down characters in certain match-ups.) Literally if you are not playing doctor doom right now you are not playing this game right. I tried my best to make this game enjoyable by finding stuff to make low tier characters viable, but there is nothing i could do to make these characters better.

LOL that is a good one, a positive note about this is he has the match-up advantage against morridoom, though I don’t play the character.( J.s )

Great, another low-tier hero.

Stuff like this makes me wonder why people get so angry about games they obviously do not play.

im not a low tier hero, i just couldn’t stand the fact that i had to use certain character in order to be successful.

Stuff like this makes me wonder why people get so angry about games they obviously do not play.

While ghost rider is out, he can pick on doom every time he is called as an assist. the only thing morrigan can do is threaten to box dash S, or attempt an air throw. which case i feel you are too far to get grabbed.

It’s one character, you still have two others to pick. Too many people think having to use top support character to have good teams is limiting when a big draw of using top support characters is that you can put a wide variety of characters in front of them.

Except, you know, Morrigan can easily cover Doom. You think MorriDoom players are going to let Doom sit out there and not put more pressure on GR to prevent Doom from getting whipped? Also, can GR fight a Morrigan flying in his face? I don’t see Heartless Spire being too helpful against rushdown Morri.

I find myself visiting srk less and less these days…wonder why?

Go troll elsewhere please. This is your only warning.