I would like to play SF competitively

A bit of background; I’ve been a gamer since I was young but I never got into fighters. I had SF2 for SNES but only played at home. I got into the Melee metagame(but never competed) a few months before brawl came out. The level they took the game to and some of the amazing combos they were able to pull off captivated me. I already mained Marth so I went about learning to play him better. I was already one of the best among my circle of Melee play but this took things to the point where no one wanted to play me. I wanted to play SF4 since before it came out but didn’t have a console from this gen to play it. I recently got a 360 and SSIV. I plan on buying SSFIV asap.

The only problem is I would have no one to play at my level. My siblings barely play and I highly doubt they would put in as much effort as me. I want to have a circle of good players to play against and learn with/from. Is it worth all the trouble to only play against online players? Money is a problem for me so I am holding back on buying a stick until I can see where this hobby is going. I main Viper so you can understand my frustration. How would I go about finding the SF4 scene in my area? I heard about an arcade that I plan on checking out some time soon.

Thanks in advanced.

Here is theregional matchmakingsections of the forums…from there you can figure out the region you reside.

Oh wow, thanks a lot man. It seems that arcade is as big as I heard.

Would help if you told us where you’re from, heh.

I live in NYC. Seems that there is a big crowd around here.

just come down to Mott St, after 5:30 is usually a good time. Friday is even better. If money is an issue, just spectating is ok until you feel like have confidence to play. You will get beat down, alot, I still do, but take your lumps.

Yeah, Living in NYC you have access to many resources moreso than most people…

2 places you should check out:

Chinatown Fair arcade as Tonedef has said…

And 8 on the break arcade in Dunellen, NJ which holds PS3 weekly tournaments every tuesday night (train station is literally across the street)

I’ll pass by this week

Be ready to make some huge sacrifices if you are serious about this…cause you still don’t know just how deep this rabbit hole really is.

With online play available it is easy to condition yourself for competition. Not only that you live in NYC, the second largest area for SF comp in the country. I know guys that live in small rural towns that manage to become good without any nearby comp.

Yeah, check out the stuff in NY and play a lot. That’s how you start :slight_smile:

i will likely be there at CTF in the afternoon on thurs i can give canti the 5 cent tour lol

How much are the machines?

SF IV Blazblue KOF 12 are a dollar per play most of the other older ones are a uarter per play