I would like to request an AV(non prem)

Hi, nothing too fancy. Just an AV of makoto with my forum name please. I have no colour prefs or anything like that. No real design in mind. Just mak and my name:)
non perm account.

:smokin:Yo Immortal I aint an that good since I just started but ill see if I can make a simple one you said not to fancy so Im gonna hold you to it ^^ Since i dont know any fancy techniques yet but if shatt or sas or gumz or any of the proz hit u up first its coo so ill get to work on it later tonight or next week cuz ima be gone for a while.

Edit: Seriously its not gonna be fancy lol

Cool, thanks alot. :slight_smile:

Hey Immortal. Phew was a busy week im still not home been out alot but I should get it done by sunday night allright? Hope you can wait a bit longer heh.

Sounds good buddy!

Here you go I made two sorry if its not what you hopped for i just started using Photoshop. :party: Anyways i couldnt find good makoto pics if u want a different pic feel free to post it up here and ill work on it.

Immortal Technique:

Props to lordwong on deviant art for the first pic.


Hope you like it bud.:tup:

First one would look dope premium sized. It looks too scrunched non-prem sized.

Second one pretty basic but I like the yellow. :tup:

2nd one needs makoto to be positioned differently and give the letters some stroke…especially if the letters are going to go over makoto as well.

Thanks guys I still really dont know how to do anything but resize it and put it in an avatar frame like i dunt know how to do backgrounds and stuff but yeah thanks for the input.

Edit: I took another shot at the second makoto av since the first was does looked really scrunched up.


Still learning ^^

Looks sick. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:

that’s gotta be the shity-est sprite of Makoto. Ever.[/M. Chibi]

:u: i have to agree.

why does the makoto sprite look so blurry?

I dunno lolz I just picked it up from google but yeah mah bad on the sprite i couldnt find better ones.

Edit: Sorry I lied lol I was just lazy and tired and I rushed the first 2 cuz i promissed him i would have it like sunday night but it was allready monday morning. But I looked around and found better and it looks better I think I tried here you go new one that looks better

no excuses.


Yeah mah bad was just lazy that day but Chea i got chu