I would like to say



I have switched between many mains trying to find the right one, and none of them felt right. Well, that is until tried Guile out and I am now in love with his play style. I salute the man with two specials, the man that cuts his hair with sonic booms.

A True American Hero,
GI J… I mean Guile :wgrin:


Yes… and I like coffee flavored ice cream.


I like puppies.


i like turtles


Well, you know, I thought my fellow Guile players would welcome a new comer. Guess not.


I like Tepezquintle’s


because no one cares on SRK.


this isn’t twitter.


hahaha good way to start my morning at work…


…looks like you were a slut before you fell in love…lol

He was the 1st I went to on release day.


I guess I kinda was, xD.

Well, anyway at least one person was somewhat welcoming.


I welcome the new Guile player. Just promise me you won’t be a turtle.


You made the right choice.

Hope to get some games against you sometime on XBL.