I would like to shave the 4 way plate

I would like to know if theres a tool for shaving a 4 way sanwa restrictor plate to make the hole a little bigger without braking it. I would also like to know if theres one to make the hole a circle just in case.

Possibly a nail file, but you’d have to be careful to keep the slight slope the gate has on the inside. As for making it a circle, you could just get the Sanwa GT-Y gate to make it octagonal, which would be close enough IMO:


is there an electric tool that you know about? A nail file might take a while but Im gonna try.

well it sounds to me that you are looking for the fastest way which is generally the most dangerous way.

what are you trying to do anyways? if your looking to make it larger you could go a head and with a fine sanding bit and a dremel sand it to the desired shape. but alittle bit of impatience can ruin it.

you dont need to use a nail file, there are a whole range sets of files that you should be able to find at your local hardware store.

maybe if you explain what your trying to do more clearly i can help you…

I wanted to make the circle shape as perfect as it can be.

you want a round gate? like this?

If you want a round restrictor, you’d better mod the 2-way restrictor:


If you try to make a round gate out of the standard square gate you’ll end up with too big a hole.