I would like to sponsor someone to go to EVO2K6

FIrst of all let me introduce myself. I am the manager of X3O gaming center in Rockville, MD. I have been playing fighting games since Yie Ar Kung Fu and have been a Street Fighter/Tekken fan…scratch that…fanatic since the first game came out back in the eighties.

I actually have JUST learned about the EVO2K Tournaments a few months ago. I absolutely love the idea behind EVO2K and the fact that it is REAL wih REAL players. I want to participate somehow. I know Im not good enough at the moment to actually compete in EVO, although I can hold my own, but I would like to sponsor someone to go. This would include registration fees, hotel, and airfare. Of course there would be stipulations and I would need for someone to prove that they have the skills to make it to the finals.

I am willing to consider players for any game that is hosted at the EVO2k6 tourney. Let me know what you guys think. I have PS2 versions of mostly all the games hosted at EVO2k.

I generally have a “Fight Night” on Wednesdays that people come in to compete for cash in mini tournaments ($15 entry, winner takes half, best loser gets his money back) in various fighting games including Tekken 5, Marvel vs Capcom 2, SNK vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter, etc. I actually just spoke to Jinmaster last night about putting something together (thanks man) soon. Hopefully this will work out for the best. Im excited about the possibilities and am willing to participate in the community in any way I can. Input is welcome but I need to start soon if Im going to have everything ready by August. Feel free to call, PM, email, post your opinions. Thank you all for your time.

The fighting game scene REALLY REALLY REALLY needs something like this, and more people like you. Even though i’m in a totally different country, i’d like to thank you for giving someone this opportuniy. :tup:

is this strictly a MD thing?

No its not strictly an MD thing. Obviously you would have to be able to come in hre on a regular basis. Of course I would love for people in the DC, MD, VA area to all come here and be able to play anytime. The sponsorship would be for anyone who is shows and proves that they have the skills. I would love to make it an annual thing. Even better I would love to have a team of “fighters” for each game played at EVO (and Smash Brothers)…or if someone is just enough of a beast at all of them Id just have that person. I am trying to do the same, as a matter of fact, for Madden 06, Counter Strike, Halo 2 and a lot of other games. My first love is fighting games though so I want to focus on that first. Anyone has any questions email me, PM me, call me, whatever. I want to make this happen.

Shinshay and Exodus live in MD I believe and there Pretty good at 3S!

I just want to be clear that I am not looking to send just someone that is local to me. It would be great if that was the way it happened but I definately want to send someone that is worthy of being there. I spoke to Jinmaster earlier today and I think what I will do is hold some tournaments at my place to see who comes out on top in a few of the games that either will or might be held at EVO. I definately will have a Tekken 5, Third Strike, and DOA4 Tourney. I guess I should take a Poll as to what else should be played…any input is welcome. The dates Im looking at are May 21 and June 18 for major tournaments. I also plan to have a Super Smash Bros Tourney in July. I want to point out though that if anyone wants to use my facility for their own tourneys, that is what I am here for. I remember how it was not having anywhere to do these types of things so I want to be able to make that happen for the next generation of gamers. I will keep everyone posted as to what happens from here on.

Sponsor Justin Wong… unless he’s already sponsored… Ricky Ortiz?..

There is nobody in America who deserves this more than Justin Wong.

Yeah I’d have to say the same, don’t even bother holding anything, just sponsor Justin. The guy more than deserves it.

I know about Justin Wong, who doesnt lol! But I think it would only be fair to give everyone a fair shot. Im also sure that Justin wouldnt have any problems with taking on any challengers right? Any true champ wouldnt. As it is Ive had a few PMs and phone calls from people wanting a chance at this. Everyone says they are good and even a claim or two by people that said they have beaten Justin or can beat Justin. Those people will be at the X3O Road to EVO tourneys… I personally want to see how good he is in person…

Justin IIRC is already sponsored by empire and/or part of their team, I don’t think he’s in dire need of a evo plane ticket.

There are three ways I’ve seen this go down that have worked for people:

  1. Hold one tournament and award the prize that way
  2. Hold a series and assign points to each winner, then the winner of the series gets the prize
  3. Hold 1) and 2), the winner of the qualifier gets a prize, and the winner of the season get the prize, this requires two prizes, but it prevents someone from out of town coming in and taking all the prizes.

Also if you require that your sponsors wear some X30 gear, people who are already sponsored would probably not try to get greedy and take yours too, since they can only wear one set of clothes.

Thanks for the info Jaguar. I figured Justin would have been snatched up by someone already but that doesnt prevent him from competing. These threads describe how we are doing this:



We are basically doing it similar to your option 3. I will be going to the tourney with the sponsored individual(s) too so that negates the greedy factor. Honestly, besides EVO, I just want people to have a place to come to for tourneys and to just have fun. I love fighting games. I just dont think the genre gets the representation it should.

Yes! Sanford Kelly!

See…thats why we need to have the best players come and get it done! No one person is the undisputed 3S champ! Ive heard that Justin needs to have it hands down. THen I hear Wayne Rivers has beaten Justin more than once. Wayne Rivers even mentioned Sanford Kelly was a beast too. Wayne said he would be here for the Ticket to EVO series:




He also plans on being here this weekend for some casuals. He mentioned bringing Josh and a few others from Philly. Looks like this will be an excellent turnout. The winners will definately deserve to be sent to EVO…only the best.

I’ve always wanted to go to EVO and this seems like a perfect chance for me to compete. I’m not here to boast myself, so I won’t do it. I’ll just compete and make sure I win those prizes. This is worth the travel, so let me know when and how you’ll do this.

Btw, Justin makes it to EVO every year without any problems, so I don’t think he’ll need this sponser, but it’s up to him.

I have no interest in competing for an EVO spot but I may drop by to hang out and play a few casual matches at one of your tournaments.

Aight, Dali in DC. That’s what up. I look forward to getting free wins off of you in 3S. Hopefully they’ll have some CVS2 for us to play as well.

CVS2 will be here. If people want to play they can…if there is enough of a turnout, it can be an EVO qualifying game.

wtf?? who the hell suggested Justin Wong? His consistent winnings pays for everything. Who wants to give him free money to win other people’s money?
Sponser whoever wins some major tournaments. You got Final Round 9 to think about and ECCX

I was waiting for somebody to bring that up.