I would love some good folks to spar with


Steam put this game on sale, and I’ve been following this game for over a week. I would have loved to play at Pax and Evo with the kickbox.

In any event, it is my first day playing though my understanding of strategies is at least adept to play decent, while I don’t have my divekick feet yet. The online system on steam would be nice if people didn’t leave. My first fight, I play a Kick for the first time. I get a HS and the guy leaves. Another 3 more people join, fight and lose a single round, and leave.

So yeah. I would love some people to play that I can learn the game with before I go to my friends house and we school each other.

I tried out story mode on the hardest. S-Kill with kick factor against Markman… took me a few tries, but I got him down. =)

steam name: Dawg Pilez

I would definitely like to perform decently well at this game!


I would but only got PSN; SSj4_Ryuk. Willing to play anyone.