I wrote Maki "guide"

I wrote a Maki "guide"

I mumbled something about a Maki write up. I actually did it gasp
The love lives on:

It’s more of a description of what my Maki is (or what I would like it to be).

Please leave your comments and feedback here, I’d appreciate any discussion sparked from this.

very helpful for me not just for maki, but also for cvs2 fundamentals. i’ve wanted to read something like this where you explain the possibilites, gameplans, and strategies. i’ve read it a couple of nights ago, and i feel maki has improved. when i did tiger knee wall jumps, i thought of “The wall jump when tigerknee’d is a lowjump from hell.” thanks.

Thanks. I’m glad you like it.
Is there anything you want me to add expand on?