IALL usage up forward vs up



do i really need to do up forward or can i go straight up? i know both hits but whats better for different situations except for the fact that you move closer with up forward


You can do neutral jump iall, I believe the motion for it is 23686 MK.


just spacing… like if you are point blank you can neutral jump iaLL

if you are a box away (training stage boxes) then you can forward jump iaLL

not only that but the different strengths have different air-time.


Up forward is used when you do it in a tick throw situation (like cr.lp, IALL — or: cr.lp, st.mp, IALL). It matters a lot whether you go directly up or forward, because only if you go to up-forward will you be able to do a full combo, else you have to settle for a measly cr.lp xx light.SBK. Also, if they block it you won’t be at point-blank range, which IALL is mainly used for (to close that gap without having to walk forward to maintain pressure).

Directly UP is used in situations where you’re point-blank. Usually after you anti-air directly above you. Or even anti-air, dash up, then UP IALL. If you try to go up-forward in this situation you will go over them and will be punished.


Good advice.


Personally for me, the input for neutral IALL is so much harder than the forward IALL. Is there a shortcut command or “easy” way to get neutral jump IALL to come out?





@ 2:12…that slow motion…
Okay sorry, had to remind myself Chun isn’t real - damn the bad luck.
Good videos though and what I like most is they actually cover how “difficult” it is.
Many people complain Chun can just throw it out left and right. But it does have height requirement, can’t be done too fast, slow, can accidently cross up, etc.,

Good vids!