IaMP (Immaterial and Missing Power), Touhou Suimusou

IaMP is:

  • TH07.5, Touhou Suimusou, Immaterial and Missing Power
  • a 2D Fighting Game.
  • for the PC only.
  • a doujin game based on the Touhou franchise.
  • a “3button” Fighter.

Tutorial and Introduction Video:

  • IaMP Tutorial Video: [media=youtube]H5NyiGU5EOg[/media]

Information Sources:

Online Matchmaking:

Exhibition Videos:

  • [media=youtube]e1oLVb57-sc"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]HwkFakzeirA"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]aNSU2Vl7ouI"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]UtrTjy9xrQk"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]pYJhECHPV98"[/media]

Match Videos:
Japanese tournaments, posted by Sibladeko:

Japanese tournaments; player highlights, posted by Bellreisa:

American side-events; player highlights, posted by Bellreisa:

Mixed playlist; Japanese tournament footage (character highlight: Yukari) and America casuals, posted by me:

  • IaMP Matches
  • [media=youtube]FkMecnIn6jI&fmt=18"]Yake vs Mave (Yukari mirror) - [url[/media]

So, let’s talk about IaMP.

i recently decided i wanted to learn suika only because she seems more sagat-y than sakuya

but sakuya has a special place in my heart~

Suika is definitely awesome.

Kai’s Suika is totally bananas: [media=youtube]UpD9Gw35Btw[/media]

Dude, this looks hella dope. I love the shmup touches. I’ll give a whirl!

This needs the obligatory link to [media=youtube]Baazgkh2KLM[/media] No IaMP thread is complete without it, even if it is a bit of an old match compared to the tactics/strategies that have evolved since. Always makes me want to learn more of Patchouli even though her technicals are way out of my ham-fisted execution ability. Kind of a shame that her close range game is a bit troublesome though, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for the crazy kind of zoning she can do.

Game definitely needs more attention than it gets, there’s a heck of a lot of diversity in play and it’s all had years of real, solid tournament play backing it up. Plus we’ve got a healthy and active netplay community on IRC for anyone who wants to play it.

how is the netplay? ggpo good? or what?

After playing IaMP for the very first time…

The very first time I saw this game was one of sibladeko’s vids when he was practicing a combo…it was last year I think. I was like, “What, no voice acting? And they’re super short? Screw this, I don’t wanna play this game!!” I play many obscure games ironically enough.

I have been watching sibladeko’s recent vids of the Tougeki tournament, and I must say that I’ve been drawn to the game because of those easily. After I finally decided on playing the game after ducking it for so long, it took pretty much my entire day off (which was yesterday:rofl:) to download the damn game, and then an additional two hours to figure out how to install the game properly. Not to mention the killer headache I had when I woke up from being in front of the laptop screen all day.

All in all, I feel it was worth it. Once I get past the learning curve, I think I’ll come to enjoy this game very very much.

As far as characters go, I have no clue who I want to use yet…

^ Yeah I was the same way. I play everything but I wouldn’t play IaMP for some reason, but I was always keeping an eye on Sibladeko’s youtube page anyway.

But my bro wanted to give it a try but didn’t know where to get it, so I downloaded it for him. And then since it was on my hard drive I gave it a try. And now I’ve been playing it steadily for over a year.

It uses a different method than GGPO, but it’s still good.

Basically the game runs at 60FPS always. But in order to do that with high pings/latency then it adds a little input delay.

I can pretty much play anyone on the East coast with 2-3 input delay @ 60fps, which is hardly noticeable.

To play East to West coast though it’s more like 4-5 delay, which is noticeable, but since it’s just casual rounds it doesn’t really matter too much.

Just don’t expect to be playing people in Asia or anything, because GGPO implements both rollback and delay, AFAIK, which makes it seem like there’s no lag.

I’m really liking Suika right now. She’s the only one I can wrap my mind around a little ATM.

i play the sword bitch exactly like a shoto/sakura. cr shorts xx dp xx super. or 5b, 6b, dp, super, etc. i’m pretty sure i’m doing it wrong but i’m not sure if i care.

Suika’s a lot of fun. I play her and a few others.

Yeah Youmu does have shoto tools and you can play her like a shoto, provided you actually play her like a oldschool traditional shoto (sorta).

Meaning, don’t do jump-ins without coverage(zoning) or without spacing. A lot of novice Youmu players get stuck on the idea that her jumpins are so good, but if you don’t have bullets out on the screen already from like j.C or f.B then they really actually suck. You have to play her like a CvS2 character and don’t fucking jump at all until you create the situation where a jump is uncounterable/unpunishable.

Check out Bellreisa’s playlist of Rosetan matches: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B26CF3F709C66E6B

I just started yesterday. An interesting game. I always have a far j. C to cover any rush down attacks from the air. I generally use 22A, 5B xx 6B xx special if people try to graze the bullets. Occasionally 5C xx dash slash - but this is easily counterable (you’ll get hit out/before the dash slash). I try to have bullets on the screen on wake up. She seems like the easiest character in this game for people who grew up on SF, KOF, etc.

I might pick up the Aegis girl too. She has delicious arm pits. What’s up with the lack of Cirno in this game?

IAMP seems like a rip off (in terms of moves, ideas, concepts) of so many games at once it almost feels totally original. Dio, LB’s Kaede, SS, Marvel, Shooters, AOF, Melty Blood, 3S, etc

Actually 5C xx dash slash (qcb+A) is part of one of her really good pressure “mixups”.

If timed correctly the opponent can’t get out of the slash with any movement other than a highjump backwards (which in the corner just goes upwards). But when you get the opponent use to this and get them to try and jump out, what you can do instead of the dash slash is either HJ9 into j.A or j.B, or you can do IAD j.B instead.

So it’s kind of like a MB-style movement trap. If they are doing HJ to try and avoid the dash slash but you did a jumping B they will get CH for a huge combo. But if they stay on the ground or attempt to move forward/backward then the dash slash keeps them there or hits them.

A demonstration of this can be seen at 2:49 in [media=youtube]e1oLVb57-sc[/media]

Well, it IS a doujin game after all. Tasofro is sort of known for sniping ideas/concepts/designs from GuiltyGear in general (hi EFZ).

But the Dio thing is more of an homage that ZUN did as the core design for the character. Sakuya doesn’t really play anything like Dio/S.Dio from the Jojo’s games at all, except that she has a timestop, but even her timestop works really differently.

Game’s great!

I have been trying to get this to work but I cant get it even to the menu :frowning: it just shows me a white window and crashes… I have downloaded it from the wiki and read the faq, I have tried it in both XP SP3 and Vista 64bits… any trick or something special to get this working ?
I would love to get this working cause it seems a really cool game to play with my gf.


I had a similar problem when I first tried to get the game to work. The way I remidied my problem was to extract the files into a folder labeled in English, as opposed to the default Japanese labeled folder that the program extracts the files into. You’ll then be able to change the compatibility settings and such.

Downloaded from the wiki? I don’t think the full version is posted on the wiki. The full games is like 700megs or so and is probably available on doujin style or via torrents.

Also, I dunno anything about you and your girl but, this game has a huge reputation for causing mad rage mode stuff to go down, haha. Better stick to the weak characters and let her kick your ass, lol.

Yes, exactly. Like you said, make sure to check the folder name and rename it to English text if need-be. And make sure you’re running the right game file and not the patch or config file or whatever.