IamtheCory434[Rose] -vs- je83[balrog] 10 match series, critique wanted [rog]



Please critique us both and just enjoy

playlist - YouTube - jason42683’s Channel

ps. match 11& 12 are still currently uploading, but it will be there very shortly.


there were alot of things i saw wrong in that video but first i would like to say u should probably find another rog cory because je does alot of things he shouldn’t which will make you grow bad habbits in the matchup you are learning. For example he would random ultra a very bad times. You both were playing with you roles flip flopped for the majority of the fight rog should be the aggressor and rose the turtle. Rose has a strong keep away game you should utilize more. Also i didn’t really see you use low strong much as an anti air at the right spacing it does beat rogs jump ins and i THINK you can get the spiral after i can’t remember if it resets or hits him like he is grounded. je83 you need to learn some frame traps a simple one is crouching jab standing rh cory mashes tech alot in block strings and you would have gotten several counterhits off during the course of the matches. Cory you need to punish rogs ex punches you can throw ALL of them and je has a nasty habit of doing them from really far away thats very punishable you should make him pay for it. also im not so sure you should always use your ultra so offensively as rose most of the time you ended up getting your balls blocked. saving it as a punish is more useful in this fight imo. idunno ima stop talking for now more people will probably chime in with their 2cents anyway


thank you for your input, yea im not the best player. i will def work on the above, i want to become better

thank you :slight_smile:


There’s a video thread

and a what went wrong thread too


a what went wrong thread? what’s that? sorry i didn’t see the video thread. where is it? :embarrassed face:


what went wrong thread is for vid critique


im sorry i didnt see it, i looked before hand :frowning:
where is it? do you have a link?


right underneath this one


@kenshin thanks alot theres some very useful info for the both of us in your reply. I usually use crhp as AA but I’ll try out crmp in training mode and try to figure out the spacing on that esp if it connects with spiral. thanks again and thanks to je for recording and posting these.