IamtheCory434 (Rose) vs je83 (Balrog) 10 matches - Please critique!



Please critique us both and just enjoy

playlist - YouTube - jason42683’s Channel

ps. match 11& 12 are still currently uploading, but it will be there very shortly.


The most lame advice I can give is that you should find a better Balrog to play against. He should be destroying everuthing you do by jabbing, confirming it into combos, traps or throws. The whole time. Every knockdown he gets is a safe jump for him to repeat the knockdown.
He looks afraid, gives you space and you both end up resetting the match into nothingness.

Every time you walk back you should wonder why? Did he make you? He should. Otherwise you are just walking into the corner for free. Granted, he doesn’t even seem to take the opportunity.

I have a hard time dealing with Rog, especially during footsies which is normally my forte against other chars. You should at least try and get more advantage out of knockdown yourself, as he cant do anything without EX. And even then its not that good for him. C MK during his wakeup is king.


addendum: ah you are the Balrog :slight_smile:

well, eh, Rose can’t handle the jab pressure and safe jumps. Even her U2 is not worth much if you time your jabs from the right distance, you’ll get little damage and she’ll lose that only reversal.
If she ever does EX drill and you block, she should get jabbed into maximum damage, always. You never seemed to do that.


Thanks acku, I have such a hard time dealing with rogs jab pressure getting close to him scares the hell outta me. appreciate the tip on crmk.