ibuki and geki

sup yall, havnt posted for a long time so I figured i would do a quick (although it took a while) sf sketch of ibuki and father geki. its not inked and the color is blegh but its aight.

I like it.
I would like to see more pics
from you.

Yeah, it’s aight. I like this drawing of Ibuki, she’s really full of life… and it’s in normal human proportion, unlike other stuff I’ve seen. I personally like Ibuki and don’t get to see too much admirable art of her.

hey thanx guys ^ ^ I didn’t put that much energy into it so it came out kinda weird, the sketch looks a lil better though. I might do another ibuki in the near future.

Well, I took a look at the pic. Impressed me. Keep going…

Very nice, your Ibuki looks really cute. :smiley:

Really? Do you mind showing us the B & W sketch?

Another Ibuki? Great!!! I can’t wait.

yeah no prob ^ ^

here’s the sketch (btw geki is on the other side and reversed)

oops ^ ^;; 4got the atachment

i like the look in how you made the picture look old. minimal coloring, but doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. good job.

thanx 4 the crit SFMC, a pleasure to hear from an artist of your calibur ^ ^

I want you to explain one thing… Why did you take such a sw33t sketch with a capital 3 and and absolutly ruined it? You chopped Ibuki’s god damn fingers!!! :eek:

lol gladly. You see what I did was scan the sketch, then I cut the characters and started rearranging them (I know this may sound odd, but I tend to reaarrange characters on the same page after ive scanned them in to see what type of different effects I could get from the original piece.)E.G. for the colored version it seems more like geki is admireing how much Ibuki has grown and yet is still a child at heart. while the sketch is more like ibuki just made a joke and it amused geki. well the problem was that the colored version did not give me the effect that I intended, but what happened was that I started doing color tests on that one, and I basically just used the color test for the final pic. although i would cuncur that the sketch is the better of the two. (damn that was long ^ ^;; )

also: note that geki’s right arm is going forward at the same time as his right leg, which is unatural because they should go opposite of each other . also ibuki’s ninja gi’s robe dealy is unatural.

Hmm… Geki doesn’t have to swing his arms around, so it doesn’t matter which arm is on front… the real problem is that he’s holding the claws up, infront of his body, as if to prepare for an attack. It would have been as funny as hell if he attacked Ibuki out of the blue, but I guess you didn’t want anything like that there.