Ibuki avatar anyone?


I dont really have any preferences of what pose she’s in, just something awesome! But have the background colors somewhat dark and if you could use a dark costume color (Like her dark purple secret color, etc.) that would be great! Just a kick ass Ibuki avatar is all I’m asking for, I would GREATLY appreciate this. :bgrin:


Can anyone do this for me??? :sad:


I will give your request a try :tup:


Awesome man thanks!!! Like I said, not really much of a preference, except for what I listed, just make it awesome!!! Thanks soo much!! :bgrin:


Heres your Av.


Ha thats tight as shit man!!! I REALLY like. Did you get to finish any of the other 2, the 100x100 ones? Dude thats sick as hell!! :clap: :bgrin: