Ibuki avatar request

I was wondering if anyone could get make me an Ibuki avatar. In her 3s LK palette, thats the green Ibuki. I wanted the yami shigure animation, with her zipping back and forth between Dudley with Dudley’s 3s stage as the background.

Oh and don’t put my name on it please.


Here is Dudley’s background:

Here is Ibuki’s stance for her LK palette, but I cant find the Yami Shigure animation.

…provide sprite, yo.

I’m not going to make it, but it’s common courtesy (common knowledge) to provide said images if you want an AV done.


I’d provide a sprite, but I cant find an animation of Ibuki doing the Yami Shigure.

But I think I can at least show you all what LK Ibuki looks like:

or http://www.fightersgeneration.com/main.htm


Fighters generation is where I got the LK example from, and thanks for the other site. But it doesn’t have Ibuki’s Yami Shigure animation.


www.zweifuss.com didn’t have it either or else I woulda slapped something down already…

[for reals. I was looking at this when it popped up]

Edit: Hmm…mugen and zweifuss are the same yet two different URL’s. Interesting…

Nobody can’t like rip the animation from the game itself?

Or am I asking too much of you?