Ibuki bad match ups?

Well i’m a noob in 3rd strike and i’m interested in learning Ibuki.I know she isn’t top or close to it,but she so much fun and i just wanted to know her bad match ups(all if possible).Just list the characters she has a hard time with.

I know chun-li is one of them.

I think most except for Alex, Twelve, Q and Hugo.

Ken, Yun and Yang too

ken is an easy match up for ibuki? wtf? yun too?! wtf!? Yang even?!!? WTF?!?!?!


Definitely good on Sean, Hugo, and Q
Pretty good on Urien, Alex, Twelve, and Elena
Not bad or really good either but sorta even with Dudley, Necro, and Ryu.

Though I think Dudley has to rely a lot more on gambles in that match. But really the Ryu match could go either way, it’s pretty even. I use to think both the matchups were free for her, but then I started fighting a really good Dudley and I realized that match can definitely go either way. As for Ryu, he needs to be using SA.2, but if he does then he can definitely win just as easily as she can.

And I think it’s obvious her worst matchups are Yun and Oro. And she struggles very hard against Makoto and Yang.

I really don’t know how I feel about Remy, I don’t get to fight too many good ones here unfortunately. I want to say it’s not good for her but that could just be my lack of Remy experience telling me that.

The OP asked for hard match ups and i gave him those. Oh and I forgot Oro, what a pain in the ass >_>

you are correct.

I have a hard time with Elena and Oro. Then ofcourse Yun, Chun and Makoto.

I would say that Yun and Chun are her worst. Recent Japanese matchup charts have Chun at 7-3 advantage over Ibuki. There’s just too much Chun has going for her in that matchup. Ibuki isn’t terrible before Chun gets meter but once Chun gets meter…any hit will probably lead to losing half life. Plus Chun can effectively punish quite a few things that Ibuki has that are normally safe against other characters. Thanks to Chun’s 2 frame c.LP she actually has time to confirm c.LP to super after successfully parrying a close range f+MK. Which makes it scary to get in when you know if you get punished…you’re gonna lose half life. f+MK is a pretty safe tool to use to get in vs. Chun but it all turns around once she gets meter. Chun…like Oro…ducks under a lot of Ibuki’s pokes as well so Ibuki has to do a lot of taking to the air to avoid Chun’s ground game and…that strategy is actually pretty effective. Mainly because Ibuki has a lot of good air normals/chains and even regular kunasi are great for baiting ground pokes from Chun and playing general mind games. EX kunais are pretty much essential for closing the gap on Chun. All of that works well…until you get hit. LOL. If Ibuki could do crazy damage like some of the other characters in the higher tier…the matchup would be a lot more even on that alone.

Yun is pretty obvious. Genei Jin does insane damage and Ibuki takes health like a bitch. Don’t matter how well you’re doing…Yun can turn it around anytime he gets a real chance to. Which he’ll get plenty. Luckily Yun also dies pretty quickly so Ibuki’s combos will add up on him and she has a pretty nasty reset that can lead to stun against his dive kick which helps if you can set it up. Which is the main problem of the matchup really. Ibuki has a lot of nasty tricks she can pull on Yun and SA1 is even pretty effective at spacing out Genei activation. Problem is just Genei Jin is simply too powerful and Yun gets too many chances to use it.

Oro can be tough for Ibuki, but I guess after playing enough against my sparring buddy who’s main is Oro…it’s not overall as bad as some other matchups. It’s definitely in Oro’s favor because of how easy it is for Oro to turn it around and how strong some of Oro’s pokes are vs. Ibuki. Oro gains like 80 percent meter if he hits you with a close s.MP so even if he has no bar a close s.MP will almost fill his super bar allowing him to set up for Tengu Stone corner shenanigans which will also kill you quickly. If he had any meter…of course you get comboed for 60 percent of your life. If you also get stunned…GGPO. Oro has a lot of dirty ass shit with Tengu Stone that he doesn’t even need to combo or verify to kill Ibuki with. It helps if you’re good at parrying down Tengu Stone pressure, but there’s no guarantee with parrying considering how risky it is in the first place to parry out of Tengu Stone corner pressure. If you see a break or an opening though…it can work.

Generally it just comes down to the fact that although Oro is quick and dirty and can win the match off of one good guess…he’s only truly scary in the match up at close range and that I think is why a lot of Ibuki players prefer SA3 (Yami Shigure) in this matchup. The bar builds quickly and Oro can’t spam kicking normals all over the place to keep Ibuki out since she can punish with super from half screen. If he throws a random fireball…SA3. If he tries to activate from half screen…SA3. If he does anything stupid…SA3. Plus it gives Ibuki more options to combo with since Oro’s short body keeps him from being hit by a lot of her regular strings. Plus if Ibuki does apply pressure well and get in…there’s literally nothing Oro can do to punish outside of hoping for a lucky parry. Which isn’t a bad idea but a wrong guess will just get him punished harder. Which forces Oro to stay out and help give you some breathing room to move in. I’m an SA1 guy so I’ll use SA1 in this matchup regardless just because I like having the meter and I’ll take my chances vs. Oro dashing through the super. :lol:

The thing that people don’t really understand about Ibuki is that she has VERY FEW bad matchups. A bad matchup IMO is a matchup where you are seriously disadvantaged (like 7-3) or worse. Ibuki only has 2 matchups that fall into that range. Which those two characters I already explained above. There are no other characters in the game that put her in a seriously disadvantaged situation IMO and also according to matchup statistics. Chun vs. Ibuki at one time was considered 6-4 in Japan so back in the day she only had one seriously bad matchup. Now with how good people are getting with Chun in general and learning shit like SGGK…I can imagine how much harder the matchup becomes for Ibuki.

Her only seriously bad matchups are against the 2 strongest characters in the game. If you’re going to have a bad matchup against anyone…it might as well be the 2 characters that nearly everyone else dies to or has trouble with also. (I had added in some stuff here about Yang and Urien losing very badly to certain characters but the recent matchup chart puts them at no less than 4 vs. all characters which I think makes sense).

Ken, Makoto and Yang…all very good characters fall into the disadvantaged category. As in there are clear advantages they have over Ibuki (6-4ish matchup wise) but none of those characters on paper beat Ibuki so bad that the matchup starts to seem unwinnable. Considering both players know the matchup well and are on similar skill levels. From there Ibuki is actually slightly advantaged vs. Urien. She’s dead even vs. Dudley, Ryu, Elena and Akuma (all 4 have things going against them that keep them from really stealing the match) and from there Ibuki has the advantage in nearly every other matchup. So basically she is dead even or a bit disadvantaged in a majority of her matchups and even wins a matchup against one of the more solid characters in the game. Then rapes the low tiers pretty badly. Not bad for a character that bleeds very quickly and statistically is like 12th best in the game.

Remy isn’t too terrible. I’d say it’s a pretty even matchup. I’m pretty sure Japanese matchup charts have it listed as even as well. Remy can definitely space himself well and actually do decent damage to Ibuki…but Ibuki can also turn it around very quick once she gets in. You just have to be patient because of Remy’s ability to control space. 2 good combos will bring him near stun and that’s when you can get him to panic and start real pressure.

Remy can make it tough in the sense that he does a good job keeping you out from both the ground and the air but he’ll still need to get in to do any real damage and Ibuki can definitely go toe to toe with him should he try to move in. She’s also not a huge target like Urien or Dudley and has a bit of an easier time maneuvering past LOV’s. As long as Ibuki is patient she won’t take serious damage and well placed parries will help to get you in. Once she does get in with what I’ve seen and done myself…it can end pretty quickly especially with Remy’s low stun/health and Ibuki’s strong stun capabilities.

EDIT: http://wiki.livedoor.jp/sf3_3rd/d/�����䥰���� (current Japanese matchup chart)

Searched for a bit and found that link of a current matchup chart. Remy and Ibuki are considered dead even there as well.

With the updated tier list it seems that Yang is considered better now vs. Ken. I had heard because of Ken’s strong reversal options vs. slashes that it was considered a seriously bad match vs. Ken. I guess in the long run though Yang has enough options and ways to deal damage to keep things from getting out of hand. I never though it was that bad myself really. Using SA3 against Ken helps alleviate some of the issues with getting reversed out of EX mantis but it’s just not as scary or damaging as Yun’s SA3. I always thought Urien vs. Akuma was pretty bad for Urien but the matchup chart only has it at disadvantage for Urien (6-4). Which I guess makes sense if you consider how quickly Urien can turn things around against Akuma should he actually hit him. Other than that I say it’s pretty uphill for him though.

Looks like Dudley moved up a bit too. I remember in the old chart…Dudley was like 7-3 vs. Chun. Now he’s moved up to 6-4 vs. her. Now pretty much most of the higher tier is free from seriously bad matches. Which is a good thing and would be good to promote more diverse character selection. Anyone higher on the list than Ryu is no worse than 6-4 vs. Chun. It’s just Yun and Chun are that much stronger still. Chun interestingly being higher overall since she is a bit stronger in a couple matchups. Yet…Yun still beats Chun.

Hmm, that’s a pretty cool list. I’m a little surprised at some things though, I feel Makoto and Akuma might be a bit worse for Ibuki. I’m not sure she has the same level of difficulty against all four characters; Ken/Makoto/Yang/Oro. I really feel some are worse than others for her.

But they used round numbers. That chart might show that if they used half numbers.

Like Dudley and Akuma being the same difficulty I definitely disagree with. I think Dudley is much easier to deal with than Akuma. But then they could have given Dudley a 5.5 and Akuma a 4.5.

Oh well, maybe they know something we don’t?

I just learned that they know of something called fuzzy-abare in MBAC that I didn’t know about, and I thought I knew everything about that game. Hmm…

Well I take it as a good sign they place Remy even and on the same level with Dudley and Ryu, it must mean that there are things that she can work with the same way she can use her tools against the other two, and that’s why I like those fights so much, using the tools that give her an edge is what makes Ibuki so fun and cool.

Wow I’m just going to stare at the Elena list for a while.

Elena 7-3 for oro

7-3 for hugo

7-3 for Q

7-3 for Remy

All in her favor, jesus christ. Twelve needs to be changed to 8-2. Thats the most burtal match up in the game. I might even agree 10-0 >_>

jeez, i’ve found ibuki to be kinda inconsistent for me. sometimes i’ll beat ass, other times i won’t. she’s one of the hardest players (i think) to truly master 'cause her best moves rely on hit confirms and very well-timed parries.

i’ve found that her EX moves are almost essential if you wanna do serious damage, which blows considering the only SA that compliments her use of EXs is her SA1, which is so weak that doing an EX kunai is usually a better choice (unless you’re going for chip damage).

She doesn’t really need the SA. Ibuki does pretty damned well without it. Just like Yang doesn’t really need his SA. EX’s FTW. The super definitely has its uses though. It can do more than a 1/4th life if you can TK it and get it to hit someone throwing out a crouching poke. Plus you get 3 of em and if anything it’s a good spacing tool and great for just getting a bit of extra random damage. I like how it’s not like the conventional “look for the confirm then hit buttons” kinda super.

AFAIK, that matchup chart is a little outdated and they switched hosts so they’re not updating the page anymore. Here is the most recent version if you’re interested:


^ In regards to Ibuki’s matchups, it looks like the numbers have stayed the same except Alex is now a 6 instead of a 7.

Whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link though.

Any small Character matchups are bad for Ibuki. i.e. Yun & Chun.

Ibuki Vs. Ken is one of my favorites (since everyone plays him). Lately, I’ve been learning to adapt to this matchup more so.

My favorite is against BIG characters (Hugo, Alex, Urien). Sometimes it’s too fun. Cross up EX Kunai FTW! :rofl:

Bad match ups?
I say none unless you’re in the final rounds of some huge tournament in which they’re hardcore players.

Yun’s Sa3 is easy to avoid with Ibuki. Before he has meter stay close and punish; Yun IS faster, but still Ibuki has the advantage IMO without his super. When he gets his meter; try to force it out of him; instead of letting him set you up for it. If he forces it; and doesn’t combo it in; then you’re in the clear; parry the first attack (which is almost always the dash punch thing from a far) then low block; and block from there. Also jumping backwards throwing short kunais will annoying alot of the Yun player base. (even doing the flip over him to sa1 will work if he’s activitated Sa3).

Ken? I think any and ALL shotos characters at this day and age are at the disadvantage. They’re too much like sharks; with no reason to change or evolve; people have been accustomed to the different styles. Everyone who plays 3s, knowns atleast alittle Ken; which makes fishing for parries, and just plain avoiding attacks that much easier. I’m sure everyone knows how to bait a DP or super from a ken by now…

Yang however, is abit annoying, only because people are more daring with him without using his super. Just find out which type of Yang they are and adapt to them; either they’ll always try to combo the roll kick to a super; or they’ll constantly go for cr.mk to slash punches. Also, if you parry the cr.mk that starts the slashing punches, you can punish them immediately…sooo it’s nothing TOO hard.

Chun; I’m also not seeing a big issue. Chun will either Turtle, or psuedo-spam. Most rely on air attacks on the go; then mainly they all depend on cr.mk to super, or the different variants for it…Chun’s explanation goes alot like Ken’s. Since she’s one of the more annoying characters in the game, everyone already knows her stuff and how to avoid it…so it’s not really a bad match up; it’s just execution. Bait, start a combo; follow through, back off. I find trying to attack chun on her wake is pointlessly risky; with Ibuki anyway.

Ofcourse all of this being completely opinion based on my part. I’ve no intention of checking charts on the match up’s though…those ARE completely opinion based; a chart that has to be updated on a game that’s a few years old…is not a reliable source of information IMO; the character’s haven’t changed since the game was released…wtf would the chart move for? (again that’s just my opinion so yeah, the ranting of a jackass are not to be taken seriously)

unless you’ve played offline, all of your experience is flawed, especially if you’re still playing on kaillera. if you’re only playing online, of course your experience won’t match the chart; you honestly may not have even played one player that’s capable of playing reactively, a style that relatively commonplace otherwise.

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Remembe guys my post is completely opinion based; not saying I’m godly and not saying I know everything; just my opinions. Hopefully those which can be slightly tolerated.