Ibuki Blinking and Tsumuji Looping on a PS3 controller (EASY AS HELL)



hey guys, this is my first post, but i’ve just discovered an absurdly easy way to blink with ibuki on the PS3 controller, allowing me to perform her tsumuji loops with effortless comfort.

earlier today, using a PS3 controller, i performed 3 double-tsumuji loops in the time span of 1 minute (a normal double-tsumuji loop is an 8 hit combo: st.LP, blink, st.MK, LK.tsumuji, st.LP, blink, st.MK, LK.tsumuji) after only practicing blinking for one hour (my first time practicing blinking).

i’m still practicing, and this is only going to get easier. i am using luffy’s PS1 controller setup. on the button config page, i set “select” to “swipe right joystick down” instead of pressing the normal select button.

i always blink at the start of a loop just to develop a good habit.

i have no idea why people are switching to fightsticks for ibuki blinking. some people are even going so far as to rewire their fightstick boxes. you don’t need to do that. pad players will do just fine when blinking with ibuki (especially when using luffy’s button config). besides, i imagine extended use of your pinky finger on a fightstick’s PPP is going to hurt, because the pinky finger has the least muscle out of all five fingers. it would definitely get sore after many hours of practice. however, using my right thumb to quickly swipe the PS3 controller’s right joystick down is an entirely effortless and fluid motion for me. i’m not pressing the “right joystick button” in, and i’m not swiping the joystick down with my right thumbprint. i’m swiping it down with the side of my right thumb. there’s no friction, there’s no effort, there’s no energy exerted, and it’s so easy.

so this is what i press when i do a double-tsumuji loop:

  1. st.LP blink
    left index finger: L1
    (1/60th of a second later…)
    right thumb (side): swipe down right joystick

  2. st.MK
    right thumb: X

  3. LK.tsumuji
    left thumb: down, down-left, left
    right index finger: R1

  4. repeat

here is luffy’s button config (from http://ask.fm/Luffy086/answer/116292254681 )
■ = MP
▲ = HP
● = HK
× = MK
L1 = LP
L2 = PPP
R1 = LK
R2 = KKK

in the video below (at 00:45 seconds) you’ll see him swapping medium kick and heavy kick though, i dunno why he did that. anyway, for me, A (X on PS3 controller) does medium kick and B (O on PS3 controller) does heavy kick.

i personally don’t care about tournaments, but if a pad player can win evo, you pad players out there can also win evo. luffy won evo with a PS1 controller, and you can win evo with a PS3 controller. you don’t need a fightstick. i wanna see more pad players out there. goodbye, and remember to practice.


Controllers don’t really matter. Louffy didn’t win Evo because he used a pad. He won because he’s a very good player. They’re just personal preference. Doing loops require practice no matter what, blinking or not. Some Ibuki blinks, some don’t. Use whatever you’re comfortable with, but not all people will feel the same way as you do. In the end, it’s all about practice.