Ibuki Calculator

Sorry for making a new thread, but I kind of needed a place to keep track of my progress, and the discussion thread is too much a sea of discussion.

What is the Ibuki Caculator?
Ibuki Calculator is a Java applet that calculates a combo’s damage, stun, and meter gain. It does not have the ability to check for the validity of a combo (such as spacing, links, cancels, etc.).

Ibuki Calculator v0.1

  1. Meter gain values should now be accurate, and not just simply copy the stun values.
  2. Scaling has been implemented.
  3. Fixed bug: spending EX meter no longer counts during scaling.
  4. Fixed bug: FA and ultras now correctly scale (count as two moves).

Ibuki Calculator v0.2

  1. Fixed target combos.


  1. Figure out how to get all possibilities of tsumuji.
  2. Figure out a way to get part of a move’s damage/stun/scaling when it is cancelled (eg: b+MP xx cd).
  3. Maybe add “xx” and “,” feature to denote cancels and links.
  4. Maybe add a “remove” button to remove the previous move.
    Anything else?

*If someone can get info on all the tsumuji possibilities, that’d be cool.

I can help you out with this. The only issue I see is I don’t know how to measure metergain.

I dunno if anybody still uses my calculator, but I have updated it. Target combos should now work, and be accurate. The only subjective thing was TC7 (b+MK xx f+MK) which doesn’t really combo so… but I just put it in anyways for completeness sake.