Ibuki Challenge Trial help



Well first off I want to say I am new to street fighter, well I played some of it a long time ago but now I actually got the game (SSF4:AE) so I am new. I went through all the characters and found Ibuki to my liking. But here is the thing…I suck at fighting games and I don’t know any terms and stuff like that. But I went to challenge trail mode because I feel that is a great way to learn the character…but I cannot get passed “Target Combo 1”. I am not sure what it means when it shows the red circle (which is joy stick) and then it has an arrow pointing right inside it. Do I push the stick right as I push the button? I am playing on the Xbox 360 with Xbox 360 controller. So if any kind SSF4 pros or just anyone who knows what they are talking about can help me out with this and maybe PM me some tips on becoming good at SSF4 since I don’t want to go off topic with beginner tip stuff.



4 hours have gone by and no one could help me out…cmon guys I know there are people who can help.


So are there any other Street fighter forums out there where people actually post replies and help?


To do target combo 1, you need to jump at the opponent and press j.hp. Then press forward and j.mk after the j.hp hits.


Thanks for the reply. I am assuming j is jump? I know hp is high punch and mk is medium kick.


yes, it is jump.