Ibuki Character Matchups

I felt the Ibuki forums needed a thread specifically for character matchups. We should post all of Ibuki’s matchups against each character, since im new to Ibuki, I can’t really contribute anything at the moment.

Discuss !!!

Yeah, I figured someone would make one of these eventually. I’ll go ahead and start with Ken since he’s a character you will end up against a lot in tournaments.

Vs. Ken: Ken is a very solid all around character. He has ways to win against pretty much every character in the cast. He has no real bad matchups and Ibuki is not a character that really puts him at any real disadvantage matchup wise. Ibuki can definitely win this match though and it’s all on creating momentum and forcing Ken to do things at the wrong times.


Luckily in this matchup…your poking game actually works pretty nicely against Ken’s. f+HK will go over and hit Ken out of all of his low pokes. If you’re at a distance and feel Ken is going to throw a c.MK…don’t be afraid to throw this. Does good damage and stun and gives you optimal advantage for setting up another poke. Has decent recovery if it whiffs but you don’t want to whiff it much unless you like eating low forward super from Ken. Try to get this to at least connect or have the opponent block it. If it whiffs over Ken’s head during a low poke you’ll more often than not be able to recover before he can stick another poke in. You’ll also want to use this poke from a distance since you get more advantage from a distance on hit. Up close the opponent can sneak in a quick poke or throw on your way down. Also goes over Ken’s fireball at closer ranges.

Your c.MK is just as quick as Ken’s (if not quicker) and can be used for zoning quite well. Ken can get hit by s.LP whether he’s standing or crouching so this allows you to set up for a lot of poke strings when up close and can force him to throw a DP at the wrong time so you can block/parry and punish. s.MK is also a very good standing normal that also beats out shoto low pokes at closer ranges. It also goes into hcb+HP at close range (safe if blocked). s.MK can also of course be comboed into EX qcb+K. This combo hits Ken fully regardless of being in a standing or crouching position and is very safe on block. s.MK can also combo into qcb+MK on a crouching Ken and if you tap d+MK after a 2nd spin kick you can combo into the sweep portion for a 4 hit combo adding good stun and creating a knockdown. Just don’t do the sweep if the spin kicks get blocked or you will eat damage. c.LK to hcb+HP or EX qcb+K at close range are good low options for setting up combos and are both safe on block.

Don’t be afraid to use Ibuki’s df+MK slide to go under EX fireballs. Ken will want to try and get a knockdown with one to set up for damage so you can use this to your advantage. Also remember that if you parry the first hit of Ken’s EX fireball, you can slide under the second hit. df+MK will also go under a good bit of Ken’s standing normals (not that he uses standing normals a whole lot but it works). Just don’t use df+MK slide at too close a range or you will get punished with DP, c.MP to super or just flat out reversal super. f+MK can be used to go over low pokes and set up for combo into s.MK if it hits up close or meaty on wake up on a crouched Ken. Just be careful if it gets parried cuz Ken can reversal super on reaction.

(Ken’s options against Ibuki)

Just have to be careful about Ken’s options. Low forward to super is obvious. Yet a Ken player will get trigger happy eventually during your rush game and try to random LP DP or super you out of your offensive. Try to break up your poke strings against Ken and generally just don’t go for long poke strings against Ken. He will throw a DP/super on command as soon as he feels you may try to get in another attack. Mix it up with walk in throws once you get close enough to throw him off. If you can get Ken to throw a DP/super at the wrong time you can set up for damage and Ken will probably allow you to put on a little bit more pressure during the next set of poke strings from the fear of missing his punishment and getting punished.

Ken can definitely punish you for getting in the air too much so definitely try to keep the fight more grounded since Ibuki can play the footsie game with him pretty well. Ken can do kara SRK pretty easiliy on Ibuki so that’s another reason to stay the fuck on the ground against Ken. I would only really take to the air to jump away from him and throw kunai/EX kunai for zoning. He can cross you up with j.MK even if you are in the corner so if he gets you knocked down and you are in the corner you better guess quick between which way to block and commit to it. Changing your blocking position at the last second will set you up to get owned by target combo to SRK/kara SRK. You definitely don’t want that. Ken has a lot of ways to mess you up once he knocks you down.

(Wake up situations)

Dealing with Ken on wake up can be tricky at times. Even when you knock Ken down he has a good few options for keeping shit off of him. Obviously LP, HP, or EX DP’s are obvious options. Meaty s.MK on wake up can take care of this. If he blocks s.MK don’t be afraid to throw out hcb+HP. If he decides to parry he will get hit by the attack throw. Mixing this up with s.MK to qcf+LK for added pressure works as well. On wake up you can also use meaty close s.HK. Super jump cancel straight up after launch if it hits into HP, f+MK chain for good damage, hella stun and to reset Ken. Just super jump cancel away if it gets blocked. Meaty sweep from max range is fun as well. Will trade or beat out all DP’s on wake up and if it trades with a HP/EX DP you’ll take minimal damage. c.LK to throw or c.LK to s.MK is always good as a low mix up.

Of course you’ll want to mix this all up. It’s VERY important to not always throw an attack on wake up. Let Ken get some breathing room on wake up cuz that’s usually what most Ken players are accustomed to because of their ability to DP/super you on their wake up. Kinda walk back and forth to set up footsies/meaty on wake up and if he throws a DP or super…get ready to punish. Sometimes Ken will like to wait a second to throw you off before he does his DP/super so don’t be afraid to wait a second before throwing your poke on wake up. If you’re hella scared of what he may do next you can always jump away and throw an EX kunai to space yourself. Better to be safe than to eat damage with a character like Ibuki.

If Ken gets you knocked down…remember your options. Low block is most important. Parrying on wake up against Ken is very risky since he has SOOO many ways to verify into super against you. If you feel he’s going to try a throw or tick throw…don’t be afraid to look for a tech throw during your low block. Once you get more comfortable with Ken’s options on wake up you can try to parry down a b+MK and punish or look for a s.MP and throw a s.MK inbetween and punish. Of course each Ken player is different so results will vary and basically…do at your own risk.

EX DP is useful but don’t use this unless you have a lot more health than Ken does OR you have enough bar to throw your super afterwards. Ken is one of those characters that can DP you out your air chains on the way down and create another knockdown situation for himself. You’ll wanna have that super ready so you can push him back and get space to start an offensive. Remember that if Ken is in the corner and you EX DP into super…make sure this will kill him. If it doesn’t kill him Ken will more than likely punish you on the way down. It’s mainly better for mid screen wake up situations. On wake up you’ll want to be careful with his low pokes because if he gets you to parry one he can go into super on reaction and punish your parry. Putting you in the same situation you were before except now another fourth of your life is gone.

Adding to the note about using f+HK against Ken. I’ve noticed that you can do it on reaction to Ken’s whiffed c.MK or c.MP, assuming that you’re in range. It’s pretty dangerous to dance around Ken’s c.MK range, although it’s not exactly the easiest hit confirm for Ken, you’re still risking a c.MK xx super. However, the good news is that you don’t have to be in range. If you’re outside of Ken’s c.MK and he whiffs it (for whatever reason), you can punish with a f+HK. The same is true for Ken’s c.MP, but it’s significantly harder because it doesn’t move Ken’s hitbox forward and it’s faster/harder to spot.

IMO, waiting for an opening and throwing it out is a definitely less risky than just trying to throw it out on anticipation, keeping in mind that baiting it in the first place is risky unless you have a close eye on what he’s doing. This is mainly because Ken has an easy time punishing your whiffed f+HK on reaction, especially with meter. And also because in order for you to get within block range, you also have to be inside his c.RH and c.FK range, which is not a good place to be reckless in. In other words, forcing him to block is fine, but you’re also putting yourself in danger, and if he parries, good luck to you – but the on other hand, if you keep yourself just outside of danger, you can use it as a tool to punish his whiffed pokes.

Aside from that, I don’t know. Ken is one of the hardest match-ups I’ve come across.

The waiting game doesn’t really work because his ground game is simply better. You also can’t really keep him out of the air – at least not as well as you can against other characters. He has too many options and really good priority – especially with meter due to random EX tatsu’. After a while you start to see a pattern that doesn’t end in your favor.

The only thing I really feel comfortable using against Ken AA is the df+MK (slide) or a really really early back+MP. And the latter of the two is subject to parries r random EX Tatsu’ and therefor risky.

Ideally if you’re coming at him from the air, you’ll be on top of him/over his head. Either to throw late EX knives or to cross him up with j.MK. But even then, a smart Ken player will be able to walk under you and ‘tap’ you out of the air with LP’s or knock you down with a well timed DP (since DP’s stuff knives).

Getting in on him from a distance is also a problem. Even though his AA game doesn’t seem nearly as absurd as some characters, it actually is in it’s own way. A good Ken player won’t fear your knives and definitely won’t fear your normal jump-ins. And in parry situations, the idea that your normals and knives can be mixed up falls apart when the player can DP on reaction or simply LP/parry->LP you out of the air. Sadly, for Ken it’s just not that much of a problem unless you have momentum. And by momentum I mean a knockdown or reset.

One of my favorite all-purpose tools is the f+MK, but even that tends to get stuffed regularly by Ken players that pay attention. Although you generally don’t have to worry if it’s blocked or even parried, you definitely have to be aware of when and how you use it, since it’s fairly easy for Ken to stuff on reaction.

df+MK (slide) is also a wonderful all-purpose tool, but again it’s really unsafe if it’s blocked or parried. You really have to pay attention to what the Ken player is doing and try and “see” what they are looking for before you use it.

An great example of what I mean is that using qcf+2P (EX Kuni Ori) is generally a very bad idea if the Ken player is crouching and poking, or just landing from a jump, or just stuck out a poke, or was reset or knocked down. This is because it’s natural for a Ken player to block low, since you’re way out of range to fear anything that is an overhead. And it’s even worse if the Ken player has really good knowledge of parry openings.

However, you can catch a lot of Ken players when they are dancing around either just inside or just outside your sweep range. They know you can’t poke that low with a normal move and are either baiting a sweep or trying to get you to do something risky.

What I’ve noticed (from both points of view) is that they aren’t really expecting anything to come at them from that range. They are often going through the motions and just trying to bait a poke or a jump. This is when you can catch them off guard with a qcf+2P, since it has a particularly good range

With that in mind (assuming it was read), those are the situations where df+MK is slightly less risky than it would otherwise be. Basically what I’m saying is that you can’t expect to just use it out of nowhere, since if it’s blocked or parried you’re subject to a wide variety of punishment. But if you watch what your opponent is doing, there’s a good chance that you can stick it out at the right time – ie. when they aren’t expecting the need to block/parry low.

Waking up against Ken is just as painful as it is against Chun or a good Dudley. I believe that watching his distance from you is the key. Much like what DevilJin said, you really want to block low and try your damn hardest to throw-tech on reaction. But keen in mind that if he’s outside of his c.LK range, you’re subject to a UOH. You also have to watch out of his back+MK.

Time and time again I’ve tried blocking low initially, and blocking high on reaction to weather or not he is standing. Meaning, I hold down+back while I’m on the ground, and I try to pay close attention to weather he is standing or crouching. Sadly, this just doesn’t work as well as it should. Fact is, one of Ken’s major strengths is his rushdown game, so all you can really do is either option select and hope for the best, or guess and hope for the best. Either way, there’s no garuenteed way of avoiding the rock-paper-scissors nonsense unless you have enough meter for an EX-DP xx SA.1.

Another really important thing to watch out for is timing and spacing.

If you know for a fact (in advance) that Ken doesn’t have enough time to plant a meaty attack, but he’s in range, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea to throw out a wake-up hcb+LP (Raida). I find it really effective for catching people who don’t do true meaty attacks – meaning they delay their attack by just a little bit. Or against people who like to parry/throw option select as you’re getting up. Of course it fails against true meaty attacks and UOH’s, but if you watch yourself and your opponent carefully you can kind of get a sense of when the opponent doesn’t have enough time to plant a true meaty attack, and you can catch them with Raida.

I personally never use wake-up Raida against Alex or Necro players. But I’ve found that it has varying effectiveness against other characters, like Ken, Ryu, Makoto, Elena, etc.

I’ll use Dudley as another wake-up Raida situation – the point is rather moot if he is able to land a meaty rose on you, since the rose will stuff your Raida. Howver, Dudley is kind of special in the sense that a lot of scrubby Dudley players don’t land the rose meaty. Either because their setup was flawed or their timing was off. But for whatever reason, if you notice that the rose isn’t going to hit you meaty, then there might be a chance that you’ll catch him with Raida before the rose hits you. Therefor, if you’re paying attention and act on reaction, rather than on anticipation, you have a good chance at stuffing his rush with Raida.

Look at another Dudley situation, a lot of times Dudley players will get really anxious and just throw out his f+HK overhead kind of late or mistime his c.LK’s – either to fake you out or just because they are getting overzealous. Those situations can also lead to a sucsessful wake-up Raida.

What’s really scary is when the Dudley player will mask his meaty attack with his f+MK (I think), then immediately either block, poke low, or throw. In that situation all I can say is I hope you have enough meter for an EX-DP xx SA.1.

In the end though, a wake-up LP Raida is really something to only use sparringly. Though it can be effective if you’re able to pay really good attention to what the opponent is doing, relative to your position.

God damn I typed a lot. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

PS. Take what I say about Ken at face value please. It’s really not a match-up I’m comfortable with.

lol wow, so much typing. :looney:

Awesome info, thanks alot!

Yeah…I wouldn’t worry about organizing all the info in your own post right now. Just let people post their strats and then later on someone can always throw it into a FAQ and give people credit where it’s due.

Sounds good! :smile:

About the air game vs ken… I allways seem to land j.HK against kens, you can sometimes react on him jumping in and land it. Gives stun and good damage/okizeme.

Xenozip…it’s good that we typed a lot. The more info the better. Better to have too much than too little. We can always concentrate it into a faq later on. I’'ll have to try LP raida on wake up. Sounds like an interesting strat. Would be useful if you can anticipate a throw setup on wake up since the opponent cannot tech the raida (hcb+P)

Yeah…that brings me to a question. When is it best to use j.HK? I don’t see it used very often in match vids but I hear it’s a decent air to air. I’ve heard that it beats out Akuma’s air hurricane. I can’t see it being used in jump in situations too much since it is a delayed attack and the push back afterwards doesn’t allow you to start any real combos.

I mainly just use j.HP or j.MK air to air cuz j.HP from what I’ve seen actually does very well air to air and you gives you optimal distance and puts the opponent in hit stun long enough to set up for jump in combos. I generally try not to go air to air against Ken. He has too many options with j.MK that beats like everything in the air and EX air hurricane does the same damage to Ibuki as like a jump in combo to super on other characters. WAAAAY too risky. If I do jump in on Ken it’s after I’m confident that he doesn’t want to risk whiffing a DP after getting him knocked down or if I really want to end the fight quick and figure I can parry down a DP to do so.

Hard to explain why hk works. I belive most of the time its when you see the jump pattern of the ken player. If you hit him early in his jump with the hk dont think there is anything that ken can do but to parry. It has a weird angle and timing in the air. I use j.lp, j.mk, j.hk when in the air mostly. j.HK maybe is something that good kens dont get hit by? or maybe a smart ken dont jump that often vs ibuki.

Dont use it for jump ins, use it to knock out of the air.

Havent found a way to use j.hp yet, other than when I expect a parry so I can use fwd mk after

edited to make sence :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad I made this thread :rofl: I can learn alot from this.

j.HK on a grounded Ken can be used as a parry-safe jump-in if you time it perfectly (right next to the ground). At least that’s something. But I wouldn’t rely on it, since it’s really not 100% safe. I think of it like a toward+MK – it really leaves you open, but it’s fairly safe if it’s blocked or parried. In theory you could mix up a late j.HK, or air parry into land then throw. But in practice, Ken’s standing LP is hard to deal with.

Something I kind of find myself doing a lot is jumping vertically and throwing out a late knife or j.HP, or just empty jumping. But again it doesn’t seem like a good idea to use it against Ken. Doing a j.HP is really risky since it opens you up to a well spaced/timed c.MK or standing HK or EX Hadou. Ken can also punish your knife with an EX Hadou (it destroys the knife and still connects for 2 hits). And then there’s also EX Hurricanes that can easily take you out of the air.

DevilJin: wake-up LP Raida is so much fun, but definitely can’t use it all the time. Only if you see an obvious opening (EG. non-meaty attack).

vs necro match up??
please help

You must really like Necro. Hell…I might get to him next just because it’d be a random ass matchup to discuss. :lol:

i want know all match ups of necro becuase is my main char
vs ibuki i use sa1 (because she have very bad stamina) i think ibuki have a very good rushdown/lockdown game and this match up is in ibuki favor becuase she can rush necro very well (and necro not have good answers), vs she i play same necro game vs some other chars (like necro game vs yang ) a lot of drill kicks ,jab tornado hook , mix ups parry set ups sa1 snake fang a lot etc ect
necro can stop knike whit jab dempa(electricity) and sa1 but if only ibuki make a mistake
if she use knike for keep away you , you can dash under knike and hit she in recovery of move
vs she i use a lot of short pokes like s.short, b.forward,b.strong (hit confirm sa1) c.short…etc

i think i suck to much vs ibuki :sad: :sad: :sad: (i play only vs one good ibuki player in mi country) please i need know ibuki vs necro match up for make more strong my necro game

excuse me bad english

I’ve had success against Necro by playing him up close, and not allowing him to set up any offense. Worst thing to do is let a Necro player set up his offense by running away and keeping you more than sweep distance away. Try not to get knocked down, either… Necro has a lot of ways to mess with you when you’re down on the ground.

I have problems with Yun and Yang, Elena and Makoto much more than anyone else in the game, even Chun isn’t as bad compared to these characters. I’d like to see strats against them.

U guys have any tips on fighting a Chunli?

Chun li can beat out a lot of Ibuki’s pokes, but her AA game is pretty shit so I use forward m.k a lot to get over her low pokes and I also jump-in more than average. Not all the time, but a majority of the time.

Also, stay away from using combos that end with EX qcb+k because the last hits miss her if she is crouching. As a substitute, I like to use EX rdp+k

I’m no Ibuki expert, but I know that Chun-li is a bitch. Especially for Ibuki

Edit: Wouldn’t a hcb+p be useful against Yun after his dive kick? Does anyone actually use that in play against Yun?

Necro: Necro is an interesting matchup. He doesn’t really have the pokes or AA game to deal with Ibuki but if played smart he has some tricks up his sleeve and his combos can lead to a stunned Ibuki if she is not careful.

Poking/Footsies/Offensive strats: From what I’ve seen against the few Necro players I’ve actually played against (and watching Japanese vids), Necro gets owned by Ibuki’s pokes. You really shouldn’t fear moving in on Necro unless he has a stocked SA1 because he doesn’t have the pokes or threat of any kind of long range comfirm into the super. He gets hit by pretty much all of Ibuki’s pokes and doesn’t have a real reversal for Ibuki’s rush outside of SA1.

Especially if Necro is using SA1 you wanna just take control of the match as quickly as possible since out of the gate your offensive game is simply better. If Necro starts to throw pokes for battery use EX kunais or any of your strong ground pokes to keep him from doing so. In most cases df+MK is a pretty safe way to close the gap since it goes under a lot of his standing pokes or just flat out beats them. Outside of sweep range you can dance around with c.MK, or f+HK. Once you get in start to mix it up with your jab poke strings and s.MK to command dash to keep close and start pressure. Knock out random dive kicks with f+HK from a distance or kazekiri/EX. You can also just jump in the air with him and air throw him or throw out one of your good jumping normals.

s.MK to EX qcb kicks works well on Necro since he can’t crouch under them. They’re also of course safe on block so feel free to use them sparingly to put pressure on Necro. Regular qcb+MK is relatively safe as long as he’s not using SA1. I’ve just found out recently that qcb+MK can be reversed by point blank supers like Shippu or Makoto’s SA1 on block (minus 2 frames on block). As long as Necro doesn’t have SA1 stocked you can feel free to mix things up with this. Unless he red parries one of the kicks you’ll be safe.

Necro’s options versus Ibuki/wakeup: Ibuki’s a character that normally has to do a lot of outhinking the opponent to win but in this matchup…generally Necro will have to be the one doing more thinking to win. Ibuki beats him out in both the air and the ground and there’s not a lot of room for Necro to set up SA3 combos when as long as Ibuki is playing smart…will zone him the hell out with her much better pokes and overwhelming rush game. Necro can’t really use dive kicks a whole lot to get in cuz Ibuki can EX dp or f+HK him out of them. He kinda has to just wait for Ibuki to get within range and look to see if he can get a poke in before she can.

This is why a lot of Necro players tend to switch to SA1 against Ibuki. Her offensive game is just too much for Necro to deal with when she’s being played in an effective manner. With SA1, Ibuki actually has more of a reason to fear jumping in on him and he can break up her poke strings with this as well. Necro will try once in a while to mix things up with a qcb+P or qcb+K. Both are easily parriable on reaction even in their EX forms but if you’re not watching out these will catch you off guard and do surprisingly decent damage to Ibuki.

Not to mention a knockdown which is exactly what Necro wants. Just look for them and block/parry on reaction. If you parry either at a close enough distance you can throw s.MK to EX qcb+K afterwards for punishment. Necro’s hcb+LP can be rather annoying once he gets her in the corner but if Ibuki has EX she can always EX her way out of it as a last resort. If you’re smart I would suggest learning to parry/red parry down his hcb+LP so you can punish. Watch out for b+MP/b+MK on wake up as these both can lead to super as a confirm. c.LK has deceptive range and can go immediately into SA1/3 afterwards.

mmm very good stuff but i think you post some wrong tips…

1-necro pokes not suck vs ibuki the only advantage is she can tap a lot of fast pokes vs necro but some necro pokes can work well for example bd fierce, b.fierce, s.strong, s.jab, c.jab (very good vs ibuki) can trade or clean hit vs ibuki pokes if necro use well
2-drill kicks are very good vs ibuki and vs all chars you can hit drills but you need see and react this very fast…(not is easy)
3-never , never try parry necro in weak up , necro corner/weak up game are veery good .b.short tick throw b.fierce set ups tornado hook mix ups you need wait and think if you try ex-kick and necro block this ibuki are die

all other stuff are very well i think ibuki is a very good rush down char but necro not try keep away only necro thead vs ibuki is rushdown game beucase necro defense suck

You’ll wanna stay away from using EX qcb+K at all unless you can confirm that Chun is standing after a connected s.MK. Every hit of EX qcb+K whill whiff a crouching Chun after a connected s.MK and basically…randomly throwing out EX qcb+K is a good way to get owned against Chun Li. Normally safe against other characters but she can basically end you for using it improperly. Luckily Chun can’t reverse qcb+MK so you can use this for pressure and of course since Chun is always fucking crouching…if you do hit her with a s.MK you can follow up with qcb+MKx2 to d+MK. Good damage and stun and creates knockdown.

EX rpd+K (Hien) is very risky against Chun. You’re basically wasting bar against something that a good Chun player will probably block and even if they get hit by it it doesn’t lead to anything. It’s good as a random mix up once in a blue moon or after getting knocked down but other than that…it’ll get you into trouble more often than not. If you don’t bar for EX kunai/super Chun can wait for you to fall to the ground and punish with SA2.

Chun’s AA game is actually a lot better than people make it out to be. People assume that just because she doesn’t have a DP that her AA game isn’t good. Her AA game is very solid actually. Luckily Ibuki can use kunais/EX kunais to help set up jump ins but Chun can always look to b+HP them out. Chun Li doesn’t even need to use an AA move to punish you for jumping. She can wait for you to try one and then immediately duck down and hit you with c.MK to super. That’s pretty much an AA in itself. She can also jump straight up and HK or jump up and air throw you.

hcb+P after Yun’s dive kick? You need to be more specific. Like when it hits or after being blocked or whiff or what? Best thing to do is to try and look to parry since if you’re close enough Yun will have to eat some damage via s.MK to hcb+P/ex qcb+K or close s.HK to b+MP,HP reset. Of course if Yun is mixing things up nicely you’ll have to be careful.

If you’re not sure of the angle/speed Yun is coming down at don’t try to parry or you’ll get hit and that’ll be the end of you if he times the dive kick right. From a distance f+HK is very useful for taking out dive kicks. You jump up in the air with Yun so you get outside of the hit box and hit him out of the air. You can also jump up in the air with him and throw an attack or air throw or if all else fails just use EX dp.

hcb+P would probably be useful against a whiffed dive kick if you’re within range but at the same time it’s pretty risky cuz if you try it and you get hit…you die. hcb+P is probably more useful against empty jumps than dive kicks.

Yeah…I don’t have a lot of experience against Necro and the few Necro players I’ve played were easily taken care of in offline situations. Even in match vids I’ve always seen that Ibuki just flat out has the advantage in the match up. Necro has to play smart as hell to win and Ibuki can generally drum up momentum and run away from Necro better than he can do to her.

Yeah…using EX dp against Necro on wake up could be very risky if blocked cuz in the corner Necro has a ton of stun combos that will definitely do good damage and create a possible dizzy. Which is the last thing Ibuki wants cuz if Ibuki gets dizzied…that spells the end of the match plain and simple. Of course…Ibuki can always utilize SA1 after a blocked EX dp so if you do get EX dp blocked and have the bar…use it to push Necro away from you and get space to get out of the corner.