Ibuki Coloured

This is the same sketch of Ibuki i drew and posted on another thread, however, this time it is in colour. Please tell me what you think…



Colors look good. Someone else could make better comments on the anatomy.


When you say anatomy, are you referring to her hands and her head? If you are, i totally agree, i think the hands are too small with slightly unproportional fingers. The head on the hand is too big. I was never really happy with these areas.

In terms of the colour, i coloured the gi first and as a result i think it turned out best because i was able to spend most time on it. I think my stamina decreased rapidly after that point. The areas i hate the most are her scarf, her gloves and her hair. I should have worked on those areas more.

OK, just to mention what’s wrong… The hands are indeed too small… the torso and groin seem to be each only one head tall, as the the space from the chest to the groin is devided to 3 heads in 3 accurate points which I’m tired of mentioning. Her left hand is in an unnatural state. And last, her face doesn’t quite bring out all that Ibuki sweetness she had back on Double Impact… I’ve recently noticed that even though Third Strike may have the best playability and the such of all SF3s, Double Impact looks the best.

I really dig the coloring and folds on the clothing.