Ibuki Critique Thread



Hey everyone-

This thread was pretty great in the SF4 forums so I figured we could recreate it here.

Welcome to the Critique Thread. Just post replays of either yourself or another Ibuki not doing too well.

What we talk about:

  1. Match-up knowledge, or lack thereof.
  2. Poor decision making.
  3. When posting a video, also tell us what you think you did wrong. You’re less mindfucked than you think.

These steps should help both the persons giving and receiving critique.

Ibuki Video Thread

Great thread!
Now I 100% need to find a way to record my matches :confused:


Cross post from the video thread.

Don’t throw random neckbreaker. It is tempting but it is never worth it.

You use MK / LK tsumuji a lot outside of footsies / wake up game. HK has better frame data so you don’t have to give up pressure (even if it doesn’t connect with mk). You also give up pressure easily in general.

If you anticipate reversal from chun, neutral jump, don’t jump back (dunno if you were anticipating roll or what)

Hein was punishable by the entire cast on hit in SF4, it looks stupid unsafe in this game and you use it a lot but I haven’t tested it so I don’t know. If it isn’t safe, stop using it.

A lot of frivolous use of meter in general, ex kunai, neckbreakers, hein… use it to swap in your partner instead off of kazegiri so that meter actually does something.

Dash after jab pressure is stupid unsafe, any good player will throw a poke the instant they recognize it and combo into damage. Tsumuji moves you forward in this game, use that to pressure instead.

You sit and block during pressure, which isn’t bad but you should open yourself up to other options instead of letting them build meter for free. Backdash gets the pressure off you (these guys don’t look like they OS anything on their pokes), or 1 frame super reversal isn’t a bad option either (you do this a couple times)

You’ve got a great reflex antiair though, +1 to that. Sometimes a bit too early, it isn’t sf4, it is a crazy antiair now. Try going into the lab and see what you can get away with. Even on trade you can follow it up a lot of the time.

Stick cr. HP off your cr. MK as pokes, most people won’t (or can’t) punish you for it and you can convert that into tag into damage.

Follow up 2 hit antiair with mk / tsumuji into tag, you can get a lot more damage off that than just b. mp antiair. You do convert a few times with command dash into whatever, not a bad option.

Not sure why you wiff light hits at full screen, it doesn’t build meter.

Your asuka definitely needs work, haha.

Just my two cents, didn’t watch the whole play list, just like five of em. Hope it’s some help.


Ryochan, I just wanted to say that you are playing SF4 in SFxT. You should change your mind in some situations such instead of go for cr.lp cr.lp st.mk mk/tsumuji (basic sf4 bnb)…you should go more often for the chain combo/launcher because you will get a ton of damage more (and also will give you char the option to recover a bit of her life).
This game is about get the maximum damage from pokes since you can get 400/500 damage with some chars with no meter (…and retards/noskill combos I must say). You must go always for the most damage combo. I won´t say remove that bnb from your head, but you should realize that is not good as It´s in sf4.

PS. Anyways, I still have this problem as well…


  1. lk Hien is no longer punishable on HIT if canceled into kunai since kunai is comboable afterwards and knocksdown on hit.

  2. Using hien to switch into partner is not always a good idea if its expected. Some people may react to it and counter it. Using kazegiri can be safer since you could make it a true block string and tag in safely, although it is more difficult.

  3. Jab pressure into dash works really well actually depending on who you play, especially on good players. Tsumiji pressure is actually less likely to work on good players. This is because people can cross counter your tsumiji while blocking alot easier if that’s all your doing, and they can learn to shoryuken your gap from the cancel into tsumiji. Additionally reacting to ibuki’s dash is not the easiest thing to do. 18 frame dash is really fast and hard to react to especially if unexpected. People might react incorrectly like trying to through a late crouch tech which can get blown up by bansho kick (which will crumple them on CH leading to massive 500-600 damage combo) or cl jab if an early crouch tech.

If they are just throwing things out randomly then they will get countered by the jab pressure, which is why it is there. Noob players will just throw things out there, and pro players will block patiently waiting for the opening, hence why dashing in works better on pros and not noobs.

  1. After agemen as an AA if you can’t get the lk dash off into st hk combos (over 300 damage), then you should be using spin kick x ender (for about 230 damage), or spin kick x st mk x ender if they are close enough (for about 266 damage). To tag out for major damage after spin kick, using HK kazegiri is way more effective since it does 150 base damage compared to 60 base damage of tsumiji. My combos after tag do over 400 damage with 1 bar and over 500 with 2 bars.


Well said with the hein. I just tested it myself, you’re absolutely correct. I still don’t like how it is a free opening on block though.

You’re not wrong about the jab pressure but I don’t agree with the way he was doing it, :d::lp::d::lp::mk:, LK dash (21 frames in this game) 2-3 times in a row the exact same way every time isn’t particularly a good idea. Making reads is hard to do against good players when the game is this new but I don’t think that discussion is for this thread. Bottom line is changing up his pressure will be good for his play.


You are correct (Sorry I have not watched the videos). Using lk dash like that is a horrible idea. I thought you meant normal dash, but you meant lk dash. You have to use lk dash very sparringly with ALL of your mixups. If they expect a normal dash and you hit them with st hp back hand you can combo into HK kazegiri and switch to get over 400 damage or over 500 damage if you switch again. st hp is really good. I am starting to incorporate st hp mixups and they seem to be really powerful.


There is much better Asuka play in the last 4 vids, can’t expect complete expertise in a few days after release =P. Also better Ibuki stuff as well. As for the bicycle kick, I mostly use it for fun in mix ups, if hit it can result in an auto knockdown with kunai follow up, not all matches I play like I’m at a tournament. Once people start noticing it, i’ll definitely stop doing it xD (but for now I do it a lot for fun, as well as cross up Kunai trolling). As for HK spin kicks, that can be punished with a weird timed jump in, so I get the fastest things out to build wiff meter and poke. I sometimes back off and just light to see what the next move my opponent is doing or so I can have a little bit of time to think of what I should approach with.

Ex kunais I use for 3 reasons. As a get off me move so I can tag, as a stay there move so they can’t tag, or (rarely) to stop anticipated far away jump ins. As for anti airs,I still have to get used to the different casts jump arcs.

I also back off my pressure because it has been stuffed by lights a few times, as well as alpha countered. Nothing wrong with being careful (as Ibuki does have below average health.)

Mmmm Dash after jab pressure can confuse the opponent, cause they would most likely expect a MK, and if they try to alpha counter, they would get a slow RAW tag attack, which would give me a free punish. Also it is a viable tricky mix up because I can also jab dash grab easily, like a slow Kara xD;;. Thanks for the advice though =).


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