Ibuki cross-up/fake cross-up

I’ve seen around this forum mention of the low roundhouse x close st.roundhouse back strong x fierce x command dash crossup.

I screwed around with that, and I came up with a variation(I think I did, I have seen any mention of my version).

Instead of the back strong x fierce after the sweep x launch chain, you can walk towards a step and stand forward x roundhouse command dash.

I find this to work better for two reasons.

A) The back strong x fierce knocks down, giving your opponent time to react to the crossup, plus Ibuki gets easy crossups with her normal dash after a knockdown anyway.

B) You can do a fake cross up with a short or forward command dash, to further mind-fuck your opponent.

I’ve only got to try this against one person, and it’s worked successfully so far, if anyone maybe knows more about this… ie. reasons why the back strong x fierce may be better, please share.

Well…Ibuki’s b.MP, HP reset only works effectively on the smaller characters. Namely Oro, Ibuki, and the twins. This is because no matter where you hit them during the HK launcher, the combo will reset them. On other characters there’s a very strict window that you must hit in order to reset them that’s not worth utilizing most of the time. On the bigger characters it’s not even worth doing. They’ll just fall straight to the ground after being hit by a 2 hit juggle that did next to no damage.

As far as the other reset you are talking about, I’ve seen people in match vids utilize that one as well (the non cross up one utilizing qcf+LK/MK). I use it myself…except just like in the match vids I’ll just use it to set up a tick throw or go for a meaty s.MK to combo after the reset. I’ve never seen anyone use qcf+HK after the s.MK to cross up or anything like that. It sounds like it could be good for a random mixup every now and then. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t work on Hugo and for it to work on Urien you must hit them with s.MK very early. Everyone else it should work pretty well.

Actually, you don’t even need to walk forward before hitting s.MK to qcf+HK. HK command dash covers so much distance to begin with that you’ll cross them up for the most part regardless.

Ahh, I sorta figured out the part about not needing the walk up after I posted this, I played with it a little more.

I use the cross-under to setup cr.short xx ex spin kick or throw. There’s alot of uses I’ve come up with post cross-up/fake cross-up, I just haven’t gotten the chance to test all of them yet.

And I figured it might not work on Hugo, because of his size.

Thanks for the info.

I think that its possible to see the crossup comming with the mk dash thing. So maybe the air combo or some other stuff would be better in the long run.

It doesn’t matter if you see the cross up coming, Ibuki still has all kinds of ways to mix up once she crosses them up. Tick combo, poke string, throw, EX DP to SA1, whatever you feel like. They can’t really do a whole lot to stop it since they are coming down from a reset. You get to move before they do.

yea thats true, but my point is that the hk.dash crossup is not solid. Also the mk is not the best damage, other things do more and also allow pressure, but still i go for the mk (easy to do). The b.mp fp to lk.dash is much better because you can walk back at the last second it makes it harder to see whitch way to block if at all possible.

edit: ex dp sa1 would be a waste in that reset.

the b.strong x fierce knocks down though, so they’ll know which way to block because they’ll be on wake up.

With the st.forward x rh/frwd dash they don’tknow which way to block until their feet touch the ground, at which pount they could be hit a meaty forward x (damage), or crouching short x (damage), throw, raida to punich parry attempts, and any other Ibuki mix up you can think of.

I’m not saying you should do the st. forward x dash every time you land a sweep x close launch, I’m just sayin’ it’s worth adding to your mix up game.

With this mixup you can always use rh dash to crossup or not crossup depending on how high (crossup) or low (don’t) you reset them w/ fk. Somewhere inbetween there is a sweet spot where the crossup is truely ambiguous but it’s easier to do on some characters than others.

b.MP, HP only knocks down on medium to large sized characters. It resets all the small characters.

The better option would be b.mp fp dp lk for extra damage and followup after knockdown. And if the hk dash is so good, why dont I see really good Ibukis using it? Also is there a diffrence in how you can juggle with a close c.HK s.HK or just a close s.HK??

Yeah, I’ve never really seen anyone use the HK dash cross up either. Probably cuz on some characters you pretty much dash a little bit too far away from them afterwards. It could work as a random mix up in a tournament though. Ibuki is a character that you can kinda be creative with any ways. Even Aruka pulls out stupid shit every now and then that normally would never work but because of the surprise factor, it somehow works in his favor. Like a random qcf+P when the opponent is not expecting it.

Its pretty much the same, with the out the sweep, you are a little bit closer but there isn’t much difference.

And I never said it’s SO good that you should use it in all your matches, or you should throw out b.strng x fierce xx shoryu k or sj x air chain… like I said in my other posts, I just thought it was worth throwing in to your mix up game.