Ibuki ex-kunai (lp + mp) with ps3 controller



so, how do you do it? i can do it, but not consistantly. any easier way than pressing square and triangle at the same time?


i am doing it just fine on ps4. get used to it


I would lI’ve to know as well. Bec I’m practicing taking my time to press those two buttons. The moment you get excited playing you will miss lol.


ok, Rean. How do you do it? thumb in the midle of both buttons?


Thumb in the middle of both buttons for me
i get it 100%


This is why I don’t like using 4 face button pads because I hate having to have my thumb (which is the clunkiest digit on your hand any way) pushing multiple face buttons together. Like if you had to hit MP+LK at the same time that would be a real pain. Stick master race for me.


mp+lk would be a pain but luckily there is no need for such input
I’ve been told that me having a double jointed thumb makes playing on pad alot easier but sounds like bs to me


I set my L1 button to that, but it makes doing V-Reversal a bit harder…using the default layout I have to do L1+R1 for it now but it’s not that bad.


yes. for lp+hp kunai you can use 3p bind if you have it mapped. i have this mapped on left trigger because i cba to press 3 punches on a pad. and left bumper is v-trigger because i dont wanna fck it up


I used to be a pad player back in the day. yeah thumb in between both buttons. those were the easier ones along with grab and the two mid buttons. Hitting both hard buttons or other weird combination like soul calibers different grabs and weird triangle and x combinations sucked and Made it almost unplayable.

for square and triangle I pressed in the middle of my thumb on the middle of both buttons and for grab and the two mids I used the middle of my thumb and under the knuckle basically hitting both buttons with the whole of my thumb