Ibuki Frame Data from Prima Guide

Here you guys go :smiley:

http://levelup-series.com/cicada/SSF4_IbukiFrames.pdf :rock:

Thanks to protokoll for the Guide :slight_smile:

Good look. I already posted it in like 2 of the threads. BTW I heard some of the data might be slightly off due to it being based off an early build? Can we take most of the data seriously?

mk tsumuji is 0 on block, but lk verison - 4? Seems off…

It was the same way in 3S. MK tsumuji was safer than LK version. Mainly because the LK version allows u to go into sweep on the second hit for random mix up. Though of course that’s not even worth doing in this game.

f+hk -1 on hit and -5 on block,lol

cr jab +6 on hit
far mk 6 startup
I guess you have to deduct 1 frame of startup for each normal right?

Makes sense that short kicks might be neg on block, since they can cancel from low short and combo while forward/roundhouse versions (maybe) won’t. It seems odd to me that short kicks is -4 on block but +3 on hit… looks like they tweaked frame data all around. It’s awesome that short/forward versions can link into more stuff though!

lk command dash looks like she’ll be on + frames after heavy hits. hk looks like at least -2 from a heavy, going by vanilla sf4s frame data for most heavies (21-22 hitstun).

Cr. lp looks like it could be a good meaty, so does cr. mk for some chars… does anyone know if it tech. crouches?

This stuff is starting to give me some ideas… I can’t wait til the game comes out so i can finally out some combos.

Combo starters:

far lp + 8!
far mp? + 6 (hopefully sweep/ageman will reach)
far lk into target combo?
overhead + 5 (damn it’s as slow as chun’s overhead)
cr. lk + 4
far mk xx mk tsumuji +4
Reverse spin kick + 4 (high/low mix with low short and overhead)
Slide looks like it can get + 5 at tipper range

F+HK nerf makes me cry

Omg. Yoroitoshi is 2 frames? The things you could punish with that…

Is st.jab xx LK Tsumuji an infinite?

Is this frame data legit? has anyone tested it?

Yeah it punishes MK/HK/EX honda buttslams with ease, no more scrubs forcing u to block grounded hurricane kicks, rog dash punches, etc.

wait, so U1 is 2 frames, does that mean the non-grab version is also 2 frames?


off i go to test XD

No, it’s not. There are 4 pre-jump frames for most of the cast so that means if it was 1+1 even for the non-grab version, it would be impossible for them to jump out. But as you can see, everyone can easily jump out.

Yami kazura
uki Yami

What are these moves?

it is not 2 frames. i used s.strong (which i assume is +6) and could not combo that. what i should have done was put counterhit on and do CH s.strong and see if it’ll combo…just to get an idea of the startup.

pre jump frames arent grabbable… see gief mixup between spd and crouching jabs… if you try to jump out the jabs hit the pre jump frames cause you cant block in pre-jump. if you dont try to jump then you get spd’d… simple mixup.

no grab grabs pre-jump frames except for certain 720’s and akumas super.

i’m pretty sure that u1 is 2 frames of startup… but 2 test just punish a deep (not MEATY) rog jab dash punch as long as they are still minus 2 on block then u1 will grab them 1 frame before pre-jump.


Sooo, cr, jab, st. forward is a 1f link? It doesn’t feel it.