Ibuki in AE2012



From the 2012 Official Release

Special Tsuijigoe:
Made move throw-invincible from start until 7th frame.Removed all hurtboxes apart from that over the head region from start until 12th frame.Made move super-cancelable from 10th frame after start onward.

U.C.1 Yoroitoshi:
Made projectiles fully hit against airborne opponents.
Made easy command mode input the same as SSF4.

U.C. 2 Hashinsho
Made all hits connect with airborne opponents until locked animation sequence.
Made first hit do forcible stand-up damage when it connects with crouching opponents.

Unique: Bonsho Kick(Stick Forward + Heavy Kick)
Adjusted trajectory to facilitate hitting crouching opponents.
Enabled a +1F advantage on a hit and a -3F (dis)advantage on a block.
Enabled a possible +5F advantage for the attacker on a counter-hit.

Unique Hammer Kick(Stick Forward + Medium Kick):
Changed startup from 26F to 25F. Changes move’s total frame count from 37F to 36F.Accordingly, Target Combo 7’s startup is 25F.

What do you guys think about these changes, I’m happy to see that she wasn’t really nerfed at all, but they didn’t make her much better either, thoughts?


[INDENT=1]Guys, when 2012 hits you need to realise that Ryu’s HP Shoryuken can no longer be used to practice the Meaty Kunai. It will now be invincible until the 4th frame, so no more Juggling Ryu. This is a change in our favour, but now you have to practice against Rufus and LP Snake Strike.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]EDIT: Ibuki’s changes aren’t really all that to care about other than her Ultra Combos hitting on airborne opponents. This will finally allow her to Option-Select Yoroitoshi/Hashinsho on backdashes. Make sure you learn how to do this after cr.Jab and j.LK/MK.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Funny thing is that I was using f+Roundhouse to beat F-Word’s crouch-techs (and it’s very good against Honda), so being able to follow up on counter-hit is good too. Overall you can play Ibuki the same.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Ultra Combo 1 input is now the same as before.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Tsuijigoe (Command Jump) can now be used to punish crouch-techs as a frame-trap… But why would you do this when you can hit-confirm into Kazegiri xx Super? lol[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]EDIT2: LOL Yang for D-Tier.[/INDENT]


She can command jump xx super on wakeup now to punish throws and lows? It isn’t suddenly a good move now, but at least it can be used to screw up option selects or something. Depends on how big her hurtbox is.

I wanna see her new trajectory on bonsho.


Uhhhh, LK Kazegiri is already throw-invincible. Just use that and FADC it to punish throws if you know they’re coming.

Oh btw I’m scared that my Meta-game against C.Viper will be all messed up. I’m used to throwing HP TK. =/ I guess now OS Throw is useful against her.


But the hurtbox on it changed on the flip so that she can only be hit in the head from startup.
So lows (maybe mids?) and throws would both whiff.
Might change some other characters options for safe-jumping in on her since deep jump-ins might whiff now.
Also can (probably) be used to beat some other character’s backdash option selects.
Then again you could only really punish with super, unless whatever they did had a long whiff period.

I’m not getting into an argument about it being a move to start using in every match, or every ten matches since you’ll almost always have better options, but it isn’t like it was before when it was just a bad move with no special properties that will have absolutely no use ever.


But if you read it, it says it’s throw invincible until the 7th-frame, which basically means it’s just like neutral jumping. There’s no benefit to this move whatsoever.


Special Tsuijigoe:
Made move throw-invincible from start until 7th frame. **Removed all hurtboxes apart from that over the head region from start until 12th frame. **Made move super-cancelable from 10th frame after start onward.

Which is her only new change for the final revision. It might even let you dodge a reversal shinkuu hadouken in response to her doing st.mk. :eek:

Yeah, still, extremely situational.


I think you’re forgetting that she’s upside down when she does this. I don’t think she’d be able to dodge a Shinkuu Hadouken. I can see it punishing an EX Headbutt though.


She is right-side up for the start-up and doesn’t begin to flip until she reaches around her opponent’s standing head height. But it also looks like she crouches a bit right before she jumps, so that probably lowers the hitbox too, or it might just be a visual effect since part of the motion is required to be the d,d/f. I don’t know. I think I’m just interested in what it can do because it was such a useless move before.

How are the final changes to her bad matchups? Anyone you see being a new problem now?


Yun/Yang will not be bare-able as they don’t have a throw-invincible command grab, and Yang can’t easily do unblockables on us. Gouki Match-up should be easier to since his far.st.Roundhouse is getting a big nerf.

Dictator match-up will be exactly the same.
Chun-Li will able be the same.
Blanka is no doubt going to be bad for Ibuki now that she can’t just rinse frame-traps on him without much risk.
Ken should be easier since he can’t cause untechable knockdowns after st.Jab now.
Makoto should be easier with the new f+Roundhouse buff, now allowing Ibuki to beat EX Karakusa and combo at the same time. It’s at most -3 on block and Makoto’s only 3-frame attack is f+Jab which can’t be comboed.

Overall Ibuki stays on the same place on the tier-list, but the match-up chart will look a little different.


No changes here worth noting that’s going to change her gameplay and/or tier listing. I like Ibuki the way she is now, my only MAJOR problem with her is that her ultras tend to bounce people out when they’re airborn…which they’ve thankfully changed. She got a minor MINOR upgrade in the footsies department with the changes to her toward+mk and toward+mk, but nothing to celebrate.

Overall the changes definitely were aimed to nerf yun, yang, fei-long, and cviper, all of which were needed imo. Majority of the cast got fairly minor tweaks.


Why is the Akuma matchup better just because of his far.st.HK nerf? As Ibuki, you were probably ducking under it half the time anyways, making it whiff and getting a free combo.

f+MK a useless 1f buff.
f+HK we’ll just have to see exactly how far she goes. If anything, it’ll be a better footsies move, and in incredibly rare situations where you want a frame trap and want to be airborne, like against Makoto apparently.
U2 I’m more concerned about it fully comboing when using it to punish fireballs. I couldn’t care less about backdashes as that’s what EX neckbreaker is for.
U1 does this mean hcb x2 or qcb x2?
Tsujigoe we’ll just have to see what kind of invincibility this offers, but considering the trajectory and recovery, I doubt it’ll be anymore more than a worthless escape move like Gouken’s EX demon.

Imo, besides a few (universal) bad matchups getting better, I’d be more worried about her better matchups getting worse since characters she usually does well against are getting major buffs, like Cody. We’ll just have to wait until we get our hands on the game, but as of now it seems like Ibuki is simply a shoto/scrub killer and nothing more.

Anyways, I’ve been getting bored of the game. I don’t really care much about winning or playing top tier anymore, so I’ve just been playing like the whole cast.


I dunno, I like walking back to create space. His far.st.Roundhouse outreaches his cr.Forward hit-box so I’m not usually crouching at that range. I guess his Unblockables not being so braindead will make things better too.

It will still be HCBx2, but like it was in Super, you can do 32146321 now.


Ok… so say you block his far.st.HK standing. What’s the worst that could happen? As Akuma, is this worth risking having it whiff and getting punished?

From my mass games with my local Akuma player, it’d say his number one footsie is going to be max range cr.HK spam. Safe on block at the correct ranges, safe on block almost all the time when he has U1, and auto sets up vortex. Backed up with the best walk speed in the game, using Akuma’s cr.HK is incredibly easy to use too.


Well as of now it’s +0 on block, and Gouki with his good walk speed can pressure Ibuki from at range a lot better then she can. Making it -2 will mean that he can’t be pressing buttons if Ibuki does far.st.Jab, and that will greatly limit his options in my opinion.

I don’t know, Ibuki can whiff punish this with her own cr.Roundhouse, and before he has U1 (if he brings it to this match-up) she can simply focus it and start any combo she likes. I thought his walk-speed isn’t the best in anymore due to the AE changes?

Anyway I think Gouki is better off using U2 in this match-up anyway to stop Ibuki from following his teleport with a Neckbreaker.


Guys. I took a lot of time to remember what was Tsujigoe xD. So will it be, at least a bit, useful now? I never use it, I don’t even know if we are safe when we land…

Overall, I’m not sure this will change my playstyle. Overhead MK will be a tiny bit faster, still nice to take it, but otherwise I don’t see modifications big enough to change my way of playing Ibuki… Will have to confirm that


maybe u can use it to escape the corner? like u said i dunno if she lands far enough away tho.


im curious wat does “Made easy command mode input the same as SSF4” mean?


It means you can use input shortcuts for the Ultra again. In AE it’s considerably harder to pull it off.


oh ok i understand thank u :3