Ibuki is completely nuked

EVERY single fighter in the character list has power moves with one button and non-stop spam power hits with the ability to usually block right after… all ibuki has are light taps in hopes of actually connecting a combo. Once you catch her, she stuns SUPER FAST and her health meter drains faster than draino… its ridiculous… People say she was nuked and deserved it and i dont see why. Mostly all of her moves have ZERO priority against all characters until you have the upper hand… once she is getting pounded with hard power moves, the only thing she can do is TRY to V-trigger reversal to HOPEFULLY escape the spam of hard hits that stun you quick… Yes she can spam, but her spam moves are light and her moves are predictable to a point that shes always vulnerable… I respect Xian because he learned how to use her weak moves and capitalize with v trigger special, but even he has a problem with players like necalli, his reach, power moves and his spam… dont get me started on her limited kunais… on top of that, shes the only character with limited “fireballs”.

Am I the only one who sees this as a problem? Completely unbalanced vs all other characters…

Stop crying about Ibuki

Let me guess, you’re main is ryu lol

I read an A instead of a U

I have no idea what you’re talking about

Ibuki is a weak character against all characters in the entire game. Only power hits she has is when she uses EX moves… you’re main character is ibuki, you should be well aware of this dude.

Still don’t know what you’re talking about


Have you watched Xian play her? no? Go to YouTube and look up his matches

This is one of those threads you’re going to regret in a couple of years

I watched every video of his gameplay… I would know ibuki like the back of my hand. Was my main since 2nd impact… I was 3-5th place in the world on xbox live for 3rd strike. I am not these noobies who are jumping on the ibuki train/bandwagon. I am just behind the scenes XD

Ibuki has mad power hits son. She got 2 bombs to support terrorism, kunai so she can knife people in the back assassin style, a slide, a two sided split kick, an invincible chin kick and to top it all off she has flaming daggers of doom to light her opponents on fire.

Ibuki doesn’t have any power moves, she IS the powermove.

My guess is this a fake account from Xian trying to get even more buffs in order to be able to beat Krone once again.

Ok now I know what’s going on. Thanks.

What? You guys just make up your own stories on here? -_- lmfao crazy

lmao! You guys are a mess #thememesarestrongwiththisone

I’d scrap you anyway… #keepitmoving

Thanks for the laughs

I agree with TC and im quite sure that i would beat most of the players in this topic.

Keep up with your opinion @anewchallenger2017