Ibuki main looking for strong Fei Long



Hey guys, I’ve mained Ibuki since the day Super was released and am looking for a strong Fei Long to practice with and learn some match up details.

I’m from Toronto so anyone on the east coast would be ideal, and maybe Europe too.

<-- PSN ID


Whoa whoa. This isn’t the personals section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nosone’s the only one I’ve played with (back in Vanilla), and he’s pretty incredible. He’s upper east coast. Try him.


You can add me. My Fei is very good but not great. I would like to face a strong Ibuki to learn the matchup gt for both is jason24cf


I am close by to T.O my PSN is on here, just send a request and mention Ibuki so I remember.


Toronto is alittle far for me, but we can give it a try, send an invite/friend request, also I have a hard time against ibuki so would be some good practice for the both of us


You could add me if you want, even though I dont think theres anything for ME to learn in this matchup, other then how to tell what fucken side the knife is hitting


We had a first to 10 today. Lag wasnt really an issue, thank GOD! Final score was 10-5 me. I finished strong with a 7 game win streak. I dont play many Ibuki’s so it took time to adjust. I also gave Duelist lots of pointers. He missed a few big punishes on my whiffs. So I had to tell him to “trust your combo” and also “if you get a knockdown use her zoning to the max, she can really be a fit if you get someone stuck in her zone, also use her FA its one of the fastest in the game” I can see why its a 6-4 in Fei favor. Ibuki bleeds when she gets hit. So with Fei’s big damage output the match can be very difficult for Ibuki. That said she gets you into her zone or what every its called she can give fits. I had to burn ex a lot to get out of there.

That said I have gotten very strong training with my teammates. I got it lucky when I can call on Rico Suave, Insaynne, Dr. Chaos and Inthul when I can use some training and tips. Anyhow did you guys see my Dr. Chaos interview? Good read.


Hey, maybe some of you know the answer to this, but I vaguely remember there being something on the front page to show and tell what way to block ibuki’s knife maybe you guys know it? If not how bout some kind pointers? Cuz whenever I go to the arcade if I run into ibuki OF COURSE they know how to do it, and I pray to god I dont get knocked down.


I FA whenever they go for that knife cross up or mach EX cw. I am not using hk cw anymore as I am training myself for the AE update.


Well you can do what Jason said, but if not there is a way to block it, BUT it is very tempremental on the net, and is pretty hard to get used to as ibuki can do this ambiguously. So lemme see if I can elaborate on what you need to think about/get used to.

When fei stands there are two sides to him, obviously, so if you can imagine a line that signifies a y-axis going through the middle of him, and of course the x-axis being the ground on which he moves. Now when fei or any char. for that matter is knocked down that y-axis doesn’t move, it stays central to the chars position. So if she jumps and throws a knife at you and stays on the same side… you want to block it as if it were a normal jumpin. If she jumps and throws the knife, then crosses this y-axis you will have to block as a cross up. This is very similar to Dahlsim/seth throw a fireball and teleport behind. You always block according to where the opponent is in relation to you. Its super hard to look at sometimes, you will be blocking and fei will be getting hit on both sides and will infact move from back and forth blocking all the hits while your only pressing one direction, and is why people try use this. They want you to juggle the stick, get confussed and try to block both, which makes you release block, thus getting you hit.

so the reason this is so hard to do, is that on your wakeup she can throw a knife in a way that makes you guess, but remember that after throwing one she has quite a large recovery. If you can master this, awesome, if not you can use everything that jason said and still be safe enough to not get punished for trying to escape. Although i’m no where near 100% on if she can recover fast enough to ex-choke-slide to punish you for CW, or if you FA-dash toward her by accident. I have a really hard time blocking this myself and usually resort to mk/ex CW out, or trying to block it as FA on wakeup online can be tempermental, at least for me that is, lol. Hope this helps and sorry for the wall of txt


Yeah we had some good games yesterday, jason24cf. Also ggs to x_Rock_Lee_x. I think there’s still a lot I need to learn in this match up, so I’m definitely down for more. I’ll add you guys today and hopefully we can get some more games in.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I only have PSN right now, my 360 RRoD’d on me. :\


She has alot of tricks which I really had no idea about / Defend, so I also wanted to learn this match up.

From our games (when my family wasn’t buggin me )

  1. You really have your Bnb down rarely missed it
  2. That cross up kuni thing was well timed, (I guess you have to block it or pay the price) Sometimes not even EX CW got out in time.
  3. Awesome Techs it was really hard to throw you.
  4. I think you jumped a bit much (but that could of been you playing me)
  5. To much reversals, and pressing stuff on wake up (I wasn’t doing the smartest things either lol)
  6. Very good pressure and corner relaxation

Took me a lot of beatings to figure out what i could punish, since you are about the 3rd Ibuki i have fought lol, I am sure the dynamics of our fight would change as we learn about the characters.


Higgins, that was alot to absorb but I think I get what yur saying. I need an ibuki that mastered vortex to try this on though. Also Ibuki can recover fast enough for focus attack to not work. Happened to me plenty of times in chinatown fair.


Im an ibuki main and I played Jasons Fei the other day.

Coming from an ibuki mains perspective i think the match up is even or in Feis favor. For starters Ibuki can really go for either ultra depending on preference for the match up. She can use U1 to punish any ending version of the Rekkas or use u2 to create a more corner based comboable ultra. I personally choose u2 but I can see U1 being a solid choice too. She can also combine her kunai mix up game with safe jumps and make it very difficult for Fei long to get out of vortex and at the very worst for her, have him burn an EX chicken wing just to be safe.

Fei longs pokes are definitely better but I still think Ibuki has a decent footsie game against him with her Focus, ST LP, ST MK, CR MK and CR MP if spaced properly. I always know feis are trying to get a normal off to hit confirm into rekkas to push towards the corner so i always be on the look out for their footsie pattern.

In a sense i feel its even because kunai zoning is actually fairly useful in this match up to an extent because of the constant walking back and forth that fei longs do and the fact that he does not have high health or have a long range move that will punish a mis spaced kunai quickly like a rog dash punch, projectile, kara tiger knee, or a cannon spike. I feel like Fei Long needs to make the first move in this match up and that if he does not have meter…hes in trouble when knocked down.

Ibuki takes dmg against Fei Long just like she does in any other match up. Fei longs dmg output is nothing scary to her. Try playing the Gief, Bison, or Rose match up. That’s where ibuki feels pain.


Yeah thats right, its true once Ibuki gets a knock down and Ibuki starts her Vortex its hell for Fei. That said we had a good game and I dont play many Ibukis so its a learning curve. I look forward to playing you again to gain this match-up knowledge.

Damage wise yes Fei and punish her bad but your Ibuki is solid so there wasnt many punishable moments. The other Ibuki I faced I was able to punish him real bad with a cl.hp>fk>fadc>U1 and it went for 480-495. Another punish came off a blocked neck breaker where I went cl.hp>ex.fk that was 300 dmg, Ibuki has 900 vitality. thats about 40% of her helf gone.

I know Ibuki has a very strong frame trap I seen once on the stream. its I think cr.lk>mk tsumuji but the player spamed it while he had the other guy cornered. Now I know the Ibuki that was on the stream was one of the better Ibukis becausen James Chen kept talking about his vortex and knowledge of Ibuki. So I hope this helps Ibuki players.


was fun last night! think we played like 30 times and I lost like 4… but man was it late lol. GGs none the less!


Yeah ggs. I couldn’t get away with anything, and my execution was ass the first 20 or so games.


Props to all Ibuki-mainers. Fei is definitely easy mode compared to her.