IBUKI Match Up Thread

Everyones favorite vortex kitten returns


900 health, 950 stun.

3 frame standing light punch, so no pressure from Pyscho Axe unfortunately.

What I have noticed so far is her normals are pretty quick but have poor range.
The exception is her 4 frame S.LK which has exceptional range for a light strength move, going make spacing LK.SK more difficult than other match ups.
Around the board with the exception of S.HK (which doesn’t hit crouchers) Bison has more range on every one of his normals.
Her C.MK has decent enough range and is fast at 5 frames but its not cancelable.
C.MP is inferior to Bison’s C.MP same speed but less range and negative on block.
S.MP is fast but poor range.
S.MK is fast but has awful range. Not a poke, its even negative on block, whata the point of this normal?.
S.HP same speed as Bison’s but less range.
She no longer has neck breaker to buffer behind her normals like she did in 4. She can use Raida but that lacks range and will whiff at range.

Her command normals seem better.
F+HK slow issue start up but looks like it goes over lows. Safe on block at -3 but does give up pressure on block.
F+MK her overhead is slow at 28 frames but she does get a combo off it, its also safe on block at -2.
DF+MK her slide seems similar to IV, has to be spaced correctly to be safe.

Only her EX.Dragon Kick has invincible frames. Its got a 4 frame start up.

So, what do we have against the cute little pie? Her air resets are hell.