Ibuki match vids

hi guys. i’m new to this game and am started playing with ibuki. she seems pretty low tier, but are there any match vids with her in them?

if not, are there any combo vids with ibuki?

if there are could you link them here or tell me where to get them? thanks.


You don’t really need a combo vid for Ibuki cuz most of her combos are rather short (though she has a lot of different ones you must memorize to use her effectively). At times you’ll have to rely more on her mix up game than her combos any ways.

Oh and just watch the two vids in those links and you’ll see how TOP tier Ibuki is. :cool: Ok…so she’s not top tier but it goes to show you that in 3S, anybody can be a beast in the right hands. She’s a lower mid tier…but not low tier. Her rushdown/mix up game is downright scary though and that’s what can make her powerful at higher level play. Only thing is she takes damage like a baby.