Ibuki matches (vids)

I haven’t seen so much matches where she wins… well, here’s a few casual matches of me (playing Ibuki)… I’m not the best Ibuki player in the world, but at least I’m the best Ibuki around here
These fights aren’t high level (The last torunament matches were not taped:(), but anyway, I guess is always fun see an Ibuki


BTW, bear with my poor english

Nice matches. Thank you for taking the time to capture them and upload them.

I could only get 4 of them. I didn’t get to see the last one (against Necro). I will try to get the last one later.

I think you did very well.

I have some comments to share, I hope you don’t mind.

Your opponents seemed inexperienced (or unfamiliar) with Ibuki. Had you played any of them before?

The Makoto player did not parry, and jumped too much. He got hit by your anti-air way too much. And fell for a lot of your traps. I don’t really have much to say about this match. The Makoto really needed to be using ground pokes more and not jump so much.

In the Dudley match, I was laughing a lot in the first round when you did Ibuki’s personal action, and he blocked, but he only punished you with a throw. And then in the corner juggle, he missed the uppercut – too bad for him, haha. He took a lot of risks too – too many risks. He was doing uppercuts from halfway across the screen only to be punished, not sure why he made so many mistakes like that. Like the Makoto player, he did not parry and he jumped too much, and you were always able to anti-air him and pressure him. He really should have been using Dudley’s high priority pokes more.

At least the Urien player was able to parry. He also knew how to red parry the last hit of your SA.1 (even though he messed up his combo after the parry), so I think he was a bit more experienced with playing against Ibuki. But, he wasn’t able to keep you out very well, he used too many low pokes which get beat by Ibuki. He played a bit too aggressively too. He might have done better if he had turtled more and tried to keep you out. He fell for your SA.1 tricks too much and took too many risks, too. And then at the end he wasted his supers when he had a chance to do some damage with the Aegis.

The Chun-Li was doing ok. Really needs to hit-confirm the c.MK->SA.2 though. He got punished very badly too many times for screwing that up. He did not zone you enough and was not able to keep you out of the air very well. He also used c.LP too much to set up tick throws. He should have been using c.LK more, and using kara-throw instead of walk->throw. He also should have mixed it up some but using HP after a tick. I think he could have used MP and c.MK more. I don’t think he used MP at all. And he used toward+MK a bit too much.

I hope the Necro player did better than the others. :slight_smile:

About your Ibuki. You have a nice style. I like to see aggressive Ibuki players. Your mix-up and pressure is good. You did lots of things to set-up a parry, which was great. Lots of rushdown, very nice.

You used slides well to build meter and to get in and pressure. You also used cross-up j.MK and close HK well.

One small thing to note is that you build meter by whiffing MP from far away. You should try c.MK though, because it’s only a little bit slower but it builds more meter (MP builds 2 points, c.MK builds 3 points) so you can build meter faster.

Another thing to note is that it looked like you had trouble timing the throw traps after qcf+K. Not sure if you were going for a parry or not.

Another thing I noticed was that you super jump when you do the tiger-knee SA.1 close to the ground. Like when you do qcf+K then super-jump then SA.1. You can get into the air faster if you don’t super jump though, because super-jump has longer start-up. It’s a bit harder to get the super quickly as soon as you leave the ground, but I think it’s worth it to practice not super jumping.

You didn’t use many EX specials. I guess you were saving those for if you got knocked down (so you could use dp+2K). Not sure why you didn’t use EX to punish mistakes though. Like against Chun-Li in round 1, after you parried Chun’s SA.2 you did a launch combo instead of MK, qcb+2K. I guess you used the launch so you could stay aggressive and keep momentum, which is good. But with MK+2K you get more damage and knock down and it still does good stun, so you can still keep momentum with rushdown. But I guess you wanted to build meter instead of use it. :slight_smile:

Also, after you parry the last hit of Chun-Li SA.2 you have time to do a jump HP, then combo. So you could do (parry) j.HP, MK, qcb+2K for lots of stun and damage, then dash and do meaty mix-up.

But you did great. Good matches. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

[Edit]: Just saw the Necro match. Fun to watch. :slight_smile:

Another few things I just thought of…

I saw that you do a lot of cross-up knife->super and it looked like you use LP knife and immediately cancel. One thing you can do is use a MP or HP knife, then cancel it late. You can time it so that Ibuki will start to fall a little bit after throwing the MP or HP knife before canceling it into super. This can make your opponent think that you missed the super and are going to land, but really you just super cancel late. This can also make them afraid of trying to punish you when you don’t use super. But sometimes it’s better to do it early in case they try to jump away.

I also see you do a lot of close HK, jump up HP, MK. When you do it as anti-air, it’s good to jump up and hit. Though, when hit with close HK on the ground you can try jumping toward instead of strait up (not on Chun, Alex, or Elena), then hit with HP, toward+MK (time it late). Then right as you land, dash forward and you can end up either in front of them or behind them, so it’s a good mix-up opportunity. On Alex and Elena you can still hit with HP and then dash, but the MK will whiff.

I see you hit with toward+MK on Makoto and Dudley, but then nothing after. Toward+MK, c.MK is an easy link. If you’re close, you can also link toward+MK, MK, qcb+MK/2K. But MK won’t hit crouching shotos after toward+MK. You probably know this, though. It’s just something I noticed.

thanx for your comments…

you’re right, only one guy (Dudley) fought my Ibuki a lot of times before these matches… and where those matches were taped noone plays Ibuki.
That’s why in my original post I said those aren’t high level play.
In my regular arcade (well, I’m the only one playing Ibuki right now there) they know Ibuki, and know how to fight against her. Sadly, I can’t capture matches there (I didn’t captured the ones I posted).

Yup, that Makoto jumped a lot… a friend of mine, using Makoto is a real pain in the ass… He rush you a lot using the fast dash, pokes very well and parry a lot… I have hard time beating him using Ibuki.

I really don’t know what was in Carnby’s mind in that fight. He plays really good with Dudley (And Q), but in that fight… I just missed a lot of oportunities like the juggle that you said… and he seemed complete out of the game…

This Urien match liked me more then all others. I guess that the he hasn’t fought an Ibuki before really played in my favor. When my Ibuki fight an extreme agressive urien or, on the other hand, an ultra turle one… don’ why, but allways have troubles to win (Specially against the super ultra agressive Urien… He damage Ibuki a lot, have good juggles and the unblockable… well, I like Urien, I’m a Urien player too :))

I’m playing Ibuki since about a year and a half. From the very beginning I know she have a very high learning curve… But I’m happy with my Ibuki, tough I know there are some details I’m weak at. (Didn’t know that c.forward links from overhead) and I need to mix up more (I’m thinking in my regular fights, not the ones in this thread)… thanx for your reply and your comments, I’ll have in mind your advices in my next battles…
I’m in the work right now, so I have to hurry or say good bye to my lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, excuse my english…

I’m glad. I was afraid I might have been imposing… :slight_smile:

I think that’s part of what makes Ibuki so fun. There is always so much she can do.

Yeah, the overhead has quite a lot of frame advantage on hit, so you can link different things. Standing forward will link if the opponent is standing, and it will work on some crouching characters, but not all crouching characters (won’t work on shotos). And c.forward links pretty easy on everyone so it’s nice to use.

I noticed you didn’t do a lot of meaty wake-ups in the matches you posted. I wanted to comment about your meaty mix-up game, but wasn’t sure. Do you mean mix-up during the fight or after knockdown?

Hehe, see you later. :slight_smile:

Though I do not play Ibuki at all, since it was a thread with vids I had to check it out and DAMN! This guy has a good Ibuki.

Hi. I’m the Urien player of the vids.

I recognize that my skills are low, but in my defense I have to say that I have never fought a good skilled Ibuki before.

Well I have been practicing to beat [Ryu Chile]'s Ibuki. We will see what happen nextime.

Anyway thanks for your comments and excuse my english.

hi, so i assume you guys play in Santiago? if so, in which arcade? i’m curious because i went to Chile in 97 and although i saw a lot of arcades, they didn’t have too many capcom fighters, they had a lot of kof (like in every arcade in south america).

Hi. I’m the necro player of the vid.

i want your comments from mi mach (necro vs ibuki) please
i am working in my necro but i am bad player
i am see the play style of sugiyama and AB7
i love this rushdown style and the stun combos

Anyway thanks and excuse my english.