Ibuki moves that beat Kens Wakeup Str+Fierce

Just curious as to what moves on wakeup with the little kunoichi beat Kens Str+Fierce. Obviouslyt a super does (I personally prefer SA2 with Ibuki because I have many setups for it and KILSS STR+FIERCE, but what do you guys use BESIDES PARRY AND BLOCK??? (I use her EX Dragon Kick to follow-up combo but I found out it doesnt not beat Str+Fierce sometimes…

only the EX dragon kick.

if he’s not doing the cross over j.mk or your not in the corner you can try backdashing when you wake up. although i’m not entirely sure if that works. just try it anyways. the key to playing ibuki well is experiment experiment experiment.

Hey whats up LGN? This is that shinomega4352 guy that talks to you on AIM. Yeah I find it funny how even sometimes the EX dragon kick DOES NOT BEAT THE STR+FIER on wakeup!!! Sometimes he beats me with it! And it doesnt help that Ibuki takes damage like a bitch! Ill try backdashing upon wakeup…will try…good thinking man…

Lukus, you’re doing something wrong, then. :confused:

EX that shit. you probably hesitated a split-second, hence the priority shift to Ken.

You’ll only block if you try backdashing on wakeup to a meaty strong and it wont do you any good. Your good options are to EX and parry.

Good pointers…I think I did hesitate a split second…and that couldve been the problem. Thanks for the tips…I tried everything else and it seems only the EX DP kick works. That or parry as DarkZero stated…which is why I wanted to get other peoples inputs to see if there was anything else.

Just don’t get baited out cuz I know you like to wake up EX DP.

Oh yeah I gotcha I know…because the opponent could just walk up and block or parry…its all about adaptability and reading your opponent…I use it when I sense the opponents pattern of Str+Fier abuse…or more of a tendency to use that on Wakeup to setup the wakeup throws, wake up low game etc etc…