Ibuki on d pad!

Ok so im sorta new to these forums, and fighting games, but im not bad,
I did all ryus trials in vanilla… I know its not the hardest.

Any way so how many of you use ibuki on the ps3 d pad?? And any tips for the neckbreaker, dyu use the analog stick for that or d pad.

And in general, how do you to her super combo as soon as you jump, fast commands or is there a shortcut?


Not sure about everyone else here, but I use the 360 d-pad for just about everything…since I don’t own a stick. As for her super combo you can do a super jump with another qcf to do it from the ground (unless that gives you a regular kunai ._.) though you probably shouldn’t try it unless it’s done with a cr. fierce or from a Hien

Can you give me the arrows, combination etc pls

I play Ibuki on pad, although I can play her on stick too. I can usually do all the trials, no problem. Ibuki execution doesn’t really get hard until you start up some Sako combos or maybe SJC mixups. If you’re still stuck and having problems doing neckbreaker and hcf inputs, then you need a lot more training.

I use the dpad. Wolfkrone uses the analog, so I’m sure doing hcf and super jumps on it should not be a problem.

insert a short delay after the :uf:, so you input the super after you leave the ground. Probably the most common mistake, if you are accustomed to SJC U2.

Please post here next time: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/ibuki-q-a-thread-ask-simple-questions-here/98993page-39

I can do hcf and suoer jump easily, thats not the problem.
Yes i need to learn some nice combos, but how do you do trial 18?

And do you have trouble doing raida and neckbreaker on d pad? Thx

What’s trial 18?

No I don’t have problem doing raida or neckbreaker on dpad. If you can do hcf ( :hcf: ) then how are you having problems doing raida/neckbreaker?

Kunai then super combo,
Any tips, and sorry i meant i can do quarter circleeasily. I jus need prwctice on haf circle.

And is it best to learn combos for ibuki, that way you know what your dping right.

Just practice. It’s not really a hard input… if you have to take shortcuts, then you can do :qcf::p::qcf::p:


With ibuki i find it hard during matches to get hits in, is this because i dont know many combos with ibuki? Or i dont know how to play with her.

You probably need work on fundamentals. Learn the game first, characters later: Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

Ok thx for the help, ill see what happens, i didnt know it was this complicated… :slight_smile: