Ibuki on PC different?

anyone else having to feel different timings on kunai setups ? idk what it is maybe a graphics version but all my timings are completely off on PC, but fine on xbox

I have a beast of a PC playing AE in my monitor’s native resolution and it’s still laggy compared to xbox for some reason. Kinda sucks…

I had the same issue when playing on PC. The best way to adjust this was to go into the graphic settings, and make the resolution different. And depending on your TV, you’re used to that timing and the way you look at the screen. First time it was maxed out, Ibuki jumped halfway at her health bar. You may want to put it on arcade style as well to adjust the bars.

I didn’t have a problem with the lag; well since my laptop is pretty good. Although IMO it’s not recommended to practice on PC for offline or online unless you have no choice.

ill try adjusting the resolution, i have a really good comp too had 180 fps on benchmark so i don’t think thats problem =(

if either of you want to play let me know =)

It might be a V-Sync problem. You might have it forced on or off or whatever via video card settings. I had problems with her also when messing around in training mode and that’s cause my monitor blows. Doesn’t matter how good your PC is if your monitor sucks (my case). Try playing the game at whatever resolution you’re running full screen but windowed. Then just even it out. I do that and the game runs fine now.

Turn off Triple Buffering lol