Ibuki & option select

héy everybody ! how are u all ?
i need the full input ( demonstration ) for all available option select ibuki !
thank u !

Well, there’s the standard crouching LP+LK option select for teching grabs.

Crouching MP + Neckbreaker from dashing distance from opponent. If you wiff Neckbreaker won’t come out. If they dash into it Neckbreaker will come out for a knockdown. This OS will have to change to a different special when Ultra comes out, most likely.

Then, there are character specific option selects. You can find all of them from this video here, courtesy of Prophecie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovrKPK5YM0o
Click on the character and it leads you to another video.

By the way, I wouldn’t bother learning all the unblockables in that video if you haven’t yet. They are going to be fixed in USF4, or so they claim.

thank u man i hav already the video ! & i know the basic option select for neck breaker ! what i need is the input for example Os ultra 1 or 2 , ex kazegiri & like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G72oof8JNy0

Ah, okay. Yeah, I forgot about the Ultra/EX Kazegiri OSes, I would like to know this one as well.

Simple. A jump in attack then buffer u1 or u2 , dp motion for kazegiri. Example: j.hp, qcfx2 KKK; U2 won’t come out if j.hp is blocked, but the u2 will come out if the opponent backdash. You need to complete all the motions before j.hp has a contact with the opponent. The uploader told the input for the triple os in the video “jHP, (in air) dp motion LK+MK, (landing) crHK”. It looks impractical in a real match. Execution is tough and all that work would be for nothing if Balrog just wakes up block. Try to make a read on your opponent’s wake up habits and stick with one OS.